Valpo Parks Hosts First Skate of the Season

Valpo Parks Hosts First Skate of the Season

Bust out your hats, winter jackets, and mittens. 

The season for ice skating in downtown Valparaiso is finally here. Valpo Parks Foundation and the Valparaiso Parks Department held their fourth annual First Skate Fundraiser and fun was had by all. 

Some may remember last year’s first skate as it was something everyone was itching for after COVID put a halt to the year previous. The event planners made last year's special and this year’s even more special!

Families and friends of the Valparaiso area gathered at the ice rink located downtown at the William E. Urschel Pavilion at Central Park Plaza to take advantage of the first skate of the season. 

Tickets were limited to the first 250 people to purchase them for $20 per person. The ticket granted admission, skate rentals, food, and guaranteed F-U-N by all.

“I was ready to get out my kids’ winter coats and gloves so we could spend the evening here having a blast together,” skater Cynthia Hon said.

The smell of fresh ice and the look of rosy cheeks filled the pavilion as children laughed, parents smiled, and precious moments were had. As the winter season approaches, this is always something that Valpo natives look forward to.

“As soon as I saw the first skate was happening this year, I bought tickets as soon as possible.” skater Madeline Kline said. We came last year and although it was a tad chilly, it was definitely worth it. The kids had fun. I had fun. My husband had fun. This is something that I look forward to every year,” Kline said.

Attendees were able to partake in ice skating and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or even indulge in pizza, candy, and other snacks. The first skate of 2022 didn’t disappoint as there was joy in every corner of the plaza. From music to great lighting, from hot cocoa to ice skating, from raffle prizes to smiling faces all around. All proceeds of this first skate were directed to both Valpo Parks Foundation and Valparaiso Parks Departments to continue developing city parks in the Valparaiso community.

“Not only is this our first skate of the season, but it’s really about supporting our park foundation,” Executive Director of Valpo Parks & Recreation John Siebert said. “The first skate helps celebrate the philanthropy and volunteerism that makes our community so unique and special. Every community has something that makes it one of a kind, but Valparaiso is exceptional,” Siebert said.

Located in the heart of downtown Valparaiso, the pavilion offers something special to the area and the people who live here. Providing the ice skating rink gives people the chance to get outside and move around while doing something joyful with their family and friends. Because of its location, it’s just a short walk from other local establishments which makes going to the ice skating rink a night filled with excitement.

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