Valpo Prepares for Snow Emergency

By: City of Valparaiso Last Updated: January 31, 2011

city-of-valparaisoWith up to 20 inches of snow and blizzard conditions predicted for this week, the City of Valparaiso is working proactively for the most efficient response. Among other plans, the city is asking residents to delay Wednesday and Thursday’s trash/recycling pick ups by one day in order to allow snowplows to effectively clear streets. This means that those who normally have pick-ups on Wednesday will now be on Thursday and those who normally have pick-ups on Thursday will be on Friday. Friday’s pick up should be unaffected. Please refrain from toting your cans to the street until your pick up day.

Clearly the safety of our community is priority one. We’re asking for the public’s support in keeping each other safe,” said Mayor Jon Costas. In addition to the revised waste pick up schedule, Public Works asks:

  • During the heaviest times of snow, please keep cars parked off the roadways. “It’s nearly impossible to push the snow from the streets if cars are lining the curb. As a matter of safety, please park cars in garages or driveway areas,” said Matt Evans, Public Works Director.
  • Main thoroughfares and emergency routes will be cleared first. Side streets and neighborhoods will be cleared once the emergency routes are safe to travel.
  • Please limit your driving to emergencies during the height of the storm to minimize danger to yourself and others as well as to allow snow removal operations to continue efficiently.
  • Observe the one-day delay in trash/recycling picks ups for Wednesday and Thursday. Please refrain from toting your cans to the street as it will impede snow removal. If you’re in doubt about your day for pick up, check the city’s web site at or the city’s page on facebook at “Valparaiso Now.”
  • Keep an eye on neighbors, particularly seniors and others who may have difficulty clearing snow or accessing help. The Valparaiso Police Department offers a Contact Assistance Referral Program (CARE) to check on residents with special needs when the weather is severe. To register yourself or a loved one, contact Sgt. Michael Grennes at or 219-462-2135.