ValpoLife Midweek Update Focuses on Business Participation and Marketing

By: Contributor Last Updated: January 13, 2010

This week's ValpoLife Midweek Update focused on our marketing and partnership opportunities for businesses and organizations that want to get their message across to an exclusively positive, fast growing, high impact, community-focused audience.

In the link, you can read about many of the opportunities and benefits that come from marketing with and supporting ValpoLife, along with a few words from some satisfied partners who have worked with ValpoLife. To see examples of all the businesses who have marketed with us on our website or newsletter, click here. You can also check out all of our Featured Profiles here.

We encourage you to pass this along to folks you know in town who own a business or organization, or someone who makes marketing decisions for their company. Let them know that ValpoLife is an excellent place to market their company and an important, wonderful website to help support. You can always contact us at

Click here to view the Mid-Week Update!

More quotes from satisfied customers:

“ I recently began advertising with and so far it has been a wonderful partnership. They have a real sense of urgency with regards to the way they conduct their business and the way they promote mine. Thanks!”
- Erin Bertollini, Director of Food & Beverage
Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza

“A different kind of testimonial for a different kind of company. ValpoLife is geeky in a good way, passionate in an explosive way and professional in a perfect way. Delivering the "WOW" to your clients is not always easy, yet ValpoLife has done it over and over for our company. Not only do we get continual exposure on multiple social media sites, our business website on ValpoLife was created in less then 24 hours, launched shortly after and has more pizzazz than our own site. This has been one of the best avenues for promoting our company and an exceptional value at the same time. Listen up Valparaiso, ValpoLife is making it easy for us to hop on board the internet shuttle....Blast off!”
Donna Flanagin, Owner
Flanagin's Bulk Mail Service

"ValpoLife has shown a great public awareness that Valparaiso has needed. Valpo Life has put out uplifting stories. If you are at an event that there are several people at, many times you will see ValpoLife there. I see wonderful things that are going to come of this. People are just beginning to get exposure to ValpoLife. I think ValpoLife will add value to our community within the next two years beyond anyone's expectations. If you are someone that wants to be cutting edge, yet with no large investment financially or in labor, look to ValpoLife. Businesses are starting to form in a unique alliance on ValpoLife's Site. As I see it, the ones who want to display professionalism need to hang their shingle on ValpoLife's Site. Don’t let me convince you, just go to their site and look for yourself. The proof is in the pudding. And I like pudding."
James Tudor, Owner
Tudor Cleaning and Restoration