ValpoLife Photos, Creative Commons, and You

By: Kyle Granat Last Updated: July 8, 2010

Creative Commons License I've talked about Creative Commons before (CC is a series of licenses that allows you to share works while dictating how they are used.) I love Creative Commons because it encourages sharing, re-mixing, re-using, and re-imagining photos, songs, videos, and so much more.
So today we'll be launching our first (small) batch of photos licensed under Creative Commons!
What this means is that we're encouraging you (and the internet as a whole) to use our photos for their own personal projects. We want people to post photos, make videos, and get creative with any of the pictures we've taken. We've often used photos licensed under Creative Commons, and this is a small way of giving back to the community.

You can check them out Valpo Photos here and Portage photos here.

(Read More for details on the license we're using, business uses, and how you can help)

We have chosen the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that you may use the designated photos, and you may change the photos in any way you see fit. However, we would like you to attribute us when you use our photos, and any works you create will also fall under the Creative Commons License.

If any of these 'conditions' don't work for you or your project, feel free to us to talk about it. We are open to individuals/businesses using our photos for commercial applications, especially if those businesses/individuals are local. We simply would like to know when photos are being used for comercial applications.

We will currently be using Flickr to host all of our photos licensed under Creative Commons. As time goes on, we will sort through our main photo library and add to the Creative Commons Library.

So how can you help? One of the big challenges is sorting through our image library. Because so many of our photos are of individuals or children, we cannot simply make our entire image library Creative Commons. So sifting through the library for appropriate images is time intensive.
But you can help the effort by looking through the photos, and nominating images to be added to the creative commons library. Just go to our photo library and look for photos of landmarks, events, groups, or scenery that you think should be licensed under Creative Commons. Then contact me with a link to the photos/photos and I'll add the to the library.