ValpoLife Loves Local Businesses And They Love Us Back

By: Austin Passine Last Updated: June 9, 2010

ValpoLife was out and about this afternoon visiting local businesses throughout the community to say hello, and put up a sticker or postcard if they support all the positive stuff that ValpoLife publishes about Valpo. Checkout the following photos to see who we visited today. Thank you and we will see more of you soon.  :)

Paulette Domke
Mary Koselke
Blackbird Cafe
Brad Cavanaugh
Air One Aerial Photography
Danella Rudman
DRG Salon
David's Men Clothier
Vanessa Ryan
Designer Deserts
Barbra Holmes
Framing Concepts
John Kowalski
Old World Market
Mike Atsas & Jennifer Stolarz
Pizza King
Tish Dippo
Schultz Floral Shop
Donna Phelps
Seasons On The Square
Paula Strietelmeier
Sheeps Clothing
Greg Nemeth
South Bend Chocolate Company
Sandy & Gloria
Valpo Art & Frame