Valpolooza Seeks Business Donations to Help Fund Concert

By: Allison Nusbaum Last Updated: June 11, 2013

CommunityArticleImage VLYou are probably aware that Valparaiso is home to several food pantries. But you would probably be surprised by how many people in our community they serve. Last year the Hilltop Village Food Pantry helped a record 1,100 individuals in one month, and with the current economic situation that need is not expected to decrease in the near future.

In response to this I decided to organize Valpolooza, a concert and food drive. Valpolooza would be a free concert featuring local bands at the new Central Park Plaza. People will be encouraged in the promotional material to bring food to the concert which will be donated to food pantries in Northwest Indiana. Valpolooza will naturally be held in the summer to combat the annual summer slump in food pantry donations. By making Valpolooza a free concert, there is no limit on how many people may attend and therefore donate.

This concert will also give local musicians a chance to perform at the Central Park Plaza for their community. All of the bands have agreed to play for free, so 100% of your contribution will go towards the cost of the event: booking the venue, acquiring the necessary equipment, promoting the concert, etc. In exchange your business will be mentioned as a sponsor in all of the promotional material for Valpolooza: radio ads, posters, etc. This is great opportunity to get involved with a community event!

I accept cash or checks for any amount. If you would like to donate please mail to:


2527 Country Court

Valparaiso, IN


Or just ask me to come by to pick it up! As you can see, I live in town and I would be happy to talk to you in person about Valpolooza.

Note: donations are currently not tax-deductible.

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