Vein & Laser Institute’s CoolSculpting Case Study with Sue

Vein & Laser Institute’s CoolSculpting Case Study with Sue
By: Vein & Laser Institute Last Updated: April 5, 2020

Currently 55, this Valparaiso, Indiana resident, describes her activity level as “very active.” As an ultrasound technician, Sue works out six to seven days a week. Visiting the gym, going on outdoor runs, and frequently participating in marathons or mini-marathons are all ways Sue lives an active lifestyle.

“Every day, I’m doing something – it’s just me,” Sue explained, noting that her goal is 14,000 steps a day.

However, despite her exercise level and a very healthy diet, Sue grew frustrated with specific areas of her body that weren’t responding to all of her efforts. Like many, Sue’s trouble spots were above her buttocks at the crest of her hips at places Sue refers to as her “flanks.” 

“I had some stubborn areas that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. There’s not a lot of exercises that would help these,” she said. “At our beach house, I’m in my bathing suit a lot, and it really bothered me.”

Searching For a Solution

Sue began researching the best solution to reduce her problem areas. She looked into Liposuction and SmartLipo but rejected these procedures based on their levels of invasiveness.

“I didn’t want to go under anesthesia, and I didn’t want the downtime,” Sue said.

When she saw a TV ad on CoolSculpting, she visited a plastic surgeon in Indianapolis to attend a free seminar on the popular fat-freezing procedure that reduces trouble spots without surgery or downtime. Upon further research, she found out that the Vein & Laser Institute in her current hometown offered CoolSculpting, and Sue immediately scheduled a consultation visit. 

Visit us next week to find out the details of Sue’s first consultation, who the best candidates for CoolSculpting are, and what you can expect from this revolutionary body-contouring solution that is a safe and effective way to reduce excess fat.

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