VHS Band Parents Unite for Fundraiser

By: Ryan McCormick Last Updated: November 11, 2010

Valparaiso High School Band Parents. Unite.

That's exactly what happened on November 10, 2010 at the Valparaiso Band Parents Association's 54th Annual Ham Dinner. As the name of the event was a mouthful, same goes with the food. Cole slaw, green beans, potatoes, and a roll were served along with the said fare, ham. Also, a delicious selection of pies were served as well alongside the main course. Around 2400 meals were served in three and a half hours to guests dining in or deciding to carry out.

One of the main reasons it all worked together was because of the hard work and effort of 150 band parents and students, one of which was Lisa Stressler. Stressler's story is interesting, because she moved to Valpo on purpose for the very reason that her daughter could be in the band at the high school.

"We had heard it was such an outstanding program," said Stressler poignantly. "That's why I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

And so the Vice President of the Valpo Band Parents Association proves that statement by directing and delegating for 2400 ham dinners to be provided. She was even telling a few kids what to do while she was answering questions.

C.J. Skok, Band President at VHS, sure doesn't mind the contribution of funds towards the program in which he's heavily involved in. Last year, his band finished 7th in the state and this year's goal is to go straight to the top.

"Our goal is to finish 1st at state and to perform to the best of our abilities," Skok calmly replied.

Dan Pritchett, Head Band Director at the high school, doesn't mind that goal at all. Not only that, but he was obviously very appreciative of the work of the band parents and students.

"It's so well-organized, and I love seeing the students interact with each other," commented Pritchett. "Also, it's fun to keep up with parents who used to have kids in band, and they're still coming and supporting the dinner."

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