VHS Cross Country Kicks Off the Season Full Speed Ahead with the Annual Viking Invitational

Valparaiso High School Cross Country kicks off the season full speed ahead with the Annual Viking Invitational. Participating schools included: Morgan Township, Boone Grove, Kouts, Westville and Marquette.

Izzy (Isaiah) Smith a sophomore for Valpo came in first for the boys.

Smith said, “This was my first 1st place finish. It felt really good. I was injured last year so I didn’t have the season I wanted, but I felt good today. My goal for this year is to keep improving and go from there.”

Boys Head Coach Mike Prow said, “It is very exciting to start the season off with a win. Our guys have been chomping at the bit and are very excited to be starting their season. We start school later than others and a lot of other teams have already started their season. Our guys are ready. This win gives the guys the opportunity to see their potential and see how all their hard work and training has paid off. I am also happy for Izzy; it’s great to see him get his first win.”

Boy’s scores: 1st Valpo 15, 2nd Kouts 55, 3rd Westville 70, Boon Grove – incomplete, Morgan Township – incomplete.

The Girls team did just as well with a perfect score of 15. Alison Mundell a junior finished first for the girls team.

She said, “It feels really great to start the season off with a win. We have a very enthusiastic team this year and I think it will be a lot of fun and I think we really have a lot of potential.”

Girls Assistant Coach Lauren Hardesty spoke of the Sunset Hill course.

Hardesty said, “The Sunset course is a difficult course in many ways; it is a hard course footing wise and the terrain is difficult. Today it was hard because of the heat factor too, and this course doesn’t have a lot of shade.”

The girls won the race despite all of the obstacles.

Girls scores: 1st Valpo 15, 2nd Boon Grove 59, 3rd Kouts 94, 4th Morgan Township 101, 5th Westville 107, Marquette – incomplete.

Coach Prow announced to the crowd of spectators that the Vikings will race again next Tuesday September 3, 2013 and the team would love their continued support.

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