VHS Drama Club Holds Its Annual Improv Show, Mocha Madness “The Improv Games: Catching Laughter”

The icy roads and freezing temperature did not stop loyal Valparaiso High School students and parents from attending the drama club's production of the annual show, Mocha Madness.

The production of this year's show is 'The Improv Games: Catching Laughter' which was modeled after the world renowned book and movie, 'The Hunger Games'. However, don't generalize this show with any other drama club production. The show consisted of mainly improvisation, forcing the participants to think quickly on their feet. The participants were broken up into three districts, or teams, consisting of 10-11 people each. They were named District 8675309, District Pita Bread, and District 13: The Forbidden Laugh. The show is comprised of several challenges in which the participants must fulfill and are then rated by the audience. The team with the most overall points in pronounced the winner.

VHS senior Daniel Azar stated, "Mocha Madness is a unlike the rest of the shows the drama club puts on. It shows how truly talented our peers are through the art of improvisation."

Improvisation is not a skill one can grasp overnight. It takes practice and a lot of effort to master it the way these kids have. The students' hard work and commitment did not go unnoticed. Whether the participants were performing skits or reciting poems, they kept the audience laughing throughout.

Bob Craig, director of the show, wrote, "We will always remember this year and our good friend the Polar Vortex for causing workshop and rehearsal cancellations and wrecking havoc on all of our schedules. However, through all of that our improvises kept the faith, worked hard, got out in the sub-zero temps and have learned the fine art of going with the flow, agreeing with whatever life (or the scene) gives you and supporting each other."

Besides Mocha Madness, the VHS drama club also hosts their fall musical and annual talent show, April Antics. Throughout the last couple of years, the drama department has provided several students with the opportunities they need in order to pursue a future in theater.

Not only do such productions keep the audience entertained, but it provides students a way to express themselves through theater. VHS junior JP Kunze summed up the night pretty well.

"I really like coming to shows put on by the drama club because we get to see a different side of our peers that we don't always get to see," he stated. "I think it's great seeing kids come out of their shell and make people laugh."

Missed the Thursday night show? Don't panic! The two other show dates and times are Friday, February 28 at 7pm and Saturday, March 1 at 7pm at the VHS Auditorium. Tickets are $10 and available at the door!

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