VHS Girls Golf Hosts Home Opener

By: Ryan McCormick Last Updated: August 18, 2010

"Sit, sit, sit!" were the words coming out of a few girls golfers' mouths to their golf balls this evening at Valparaiso's home opener against Hobart and Highland. Overcast skies and sticky, still air dominated the course as the girls made their rounds around the 9 holes. 

Most if not all of the female golfers had sober faces as they were making their drives and putts while others were trying to be more relaxed on the first match of the season. And during the last few holes, I almost got hit by a golf ball! Well, not quite (it dribbled past me), but all I saw was the girl's face with her hand over her mouth, and I ducked behind a tree as fast as I could! That was scary enough!