VHS Jazz Band Plays Some Upbeat Tunes at Aberdeen Manor for 2015 Jazz Night

The Ballroom at Aberdeen Manor was home to the Valparaiso High School Jazz Bands' 2015 Jazz Night. Talented students from Valparaiso's Jazz Band performed a combination of jazz, swing, Latin and big band style upbeat music for their guests to enjoy.

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Two conductors led the VHS jazz bands throughout the night. The bands were led by Director of Bands Miguel E. Rosario-Vega and Wayne Coil, Assistant Band Director. Both were very excited and enthusiastic to work and lead their students who always look forward to Jazz Night.

“It's nice to have a different value besides the stage. We get to play for an audience who can get up, dance and mingle with one another,” says Coil. “The students enjoy it as well. It's a much more relaxed atmosphere and a reward for all the hard work the students do throughout the year.”

The Aberdeen Manor Ballroom fit the general mood and atmosphere one would expect from a laid back night of jazz and swing music. The large and gently lit room featured the band performing in the front of the room while guests could either sit at their tables, dance on the dance floor or move around to talk and sit with other friends and family.

Many of the band students were excited to perform during the night and were also excited that they were presented with the opportunity to play music that differs from the normal music the band usually plays.

“Usually we play a max of three to six songs at normal concerts but tonight were playing close to twenty songs and over an hour and a half of music, it's an extended jazz band concert,” said jazz band member Joey LeValley.

LeValley also commented on how by being a member of jazz band has allowed him to understand the fundamentals of jazz as well as playing multiple roles as a piano player.

“We previously had a very specific focus on how jazz is played and now we can see it for more than just background music. I love being able to take this and apply it towards different roles through piano. I can set the beat, chord changes or a combination of both. Piano and jazz is very versatile and that's really cool.”