VHS Shows Off Talent at Fall Fantasia Concert

Yet again, Valparaiso High School's choral department held its annual Fall Fantasia show kicking off the department's year of performances. Each of the high school's four choirs performed under the direction of Linda Schonbachler and accompanied by Carol Hazen and Genene Foster.

Beginning the show with the effervescently entertaining Varsity Singers, the show kicked off with an exciting start. Women's, Men's and Mixed Chorus each performed as well and the evening closed with Concert Choir's impressive rendition of the Rudyard Kipling inspired Andrew Whitacre composition of "The Seal Lullaby" it was clear from the start that each choir will, as usual be a strong competitor in their respective contests this year.

Not only did the concert highlight the impressive harmonic and blending skills of the choirs as a whole, individual talents well. Solo's given by individual members of the Varsity Singers, such as an impressive jazzy cover of "Gimme Gimme" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" given by charming senior and choreographer Jessica Rodriguez. As well as euphonious versions "Learnin' to Fly", "Somewhere that's Green” to name a few with a powerful, soulful duet given by Seniors Dan Azar and Rodriguez with pure emotion and beautiful harmonies supported by the Varsity Singer crew to "Here's Where I Stand".

Men's, Women's, and Mixed Choruses also proceeded to blow the audience away with stunning performances of "C'est L'Amour" by Jerry Estes, "Panis Anglicus" by Cesar Frank, and the ever popular anonymous Latin song "Ubi Caritas".

Director Schonbachler said of all the students tonight that, "It is an honor to work with such talented students...Concert Choir has been invited once more to play this summer at Carnegie Hall."

The show shed light on an often overlooked portion of high school talent and served as an excellent reminder of just how gifted the youth of our community are.

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