VHS Student to Learn Ins and Outs of Entrepreneurship at Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy

By: Caroline Albers Last Updated: June 10, 2013

BrandonHamillThis summer, high-achiever Brandon Hamill will be embarking on a business adventure at Purdue University’s Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy. During the weeklong camp, students interested in the ins and outs of entrepreneurship work to create their own businesses and learn about the purpose of the competitive market in the business world,

“This camp will help me get a better view of competition in the business world,” Hamill said.

Hamill, currently a rising junior at Valparaiso High School, is one of fifty students enrolled in the camp.

“I think I’ll be able to succeed with this chance,” Hamill said. “It might help me get into a better college and succeed in the business world.”

As an adult, Hamill hopes to come back to Valpo and take over his father, Dave Hamill’s, business. Hamill is especially drawn to sales, and is eager to learn more about business and its role in the community. He signs up for many classes at the high school, and is driven to excel in them.

“Brandon is very detail oriented,” Despina Amanatidis, a business and economics teacher tat Valparaiso High School said, “He listens, he pays attention, and he’s very passionate about business, especially entrepreneurship.”

Hamill feels honored to have this opportunity at Purdue, and he will doubtless go on to become a strong member of Valparaiso’s business community.