Visit to Valpo Was Time Well Spent for Curran, Carmaine, and Community

Visit to Valpo Was Time Well Spent for Curran, Carmaine, and Community
By: Kyle Hovanec Last Updated: May 11, 2016

It was a perfect day to demonstrate the ever changing backdrop of Region Weather, and an even better day for CBS News Chicago Meteorologist, Ed Curran, to visit local weather enthusiasts at Valparaiso's Central Park Plaza.

Curran, who previously spent the day with Photo Journalist, Carmaine Means, talking to students at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School about the field of meteorology and demonstrating their mobile weather lab, as well as touring various Valparaiso locations, gave a live weather report at Central Park Plaza and let eager Valparaiso residents watch in person.

Curran found his way to Valparaiso through the suggestion of one of his followers on Facebook, who after messaging him to come to her son's school, was able to meet and speak with Curran in person.

"I asked him to come to our school and set it up with the principal. I saw him visit other schools, and have wanted him to come up this way and do some broadcasts for awhile now, so I was happy he was able to make it,” said CBS News fan Shelley Johnson. "He's always very responsive and kind to his viewers. I've been watching him for a long time and was so happy he was able to make it out."

"Shelley has been a friend on Facebook for a long time and contacted me, telling me about her son Colby and asking if I would come to his school," said Curran. "I also had another friend named Bill Moran who had asked me before to visit the Valparaiso area. He was very instrumental in putting together my trip through Valparaiso."

For those attending, this presented a perfect opportunity for both education and fun by being able to be a part of a live broadcast for their Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana audiences, including Johnson's son, Colby.

"it was really cool! I got to take part and be on the air with the rest of the students standing behind me," said Colby. "They all congratulated me and asked me what it was like to be on TV."

For Valparaiso residents, Curran's appearance represented the strong relationship that Valparaiso and the rest of Northwest Indiana shares with the Windy City. For many, the Region is just as much of Chicagoland than any other part of Indiana, including news and weather broadcasts.

For Curran, the value of The Region extends beyond hosting great communities, but holds a strong importance to local weather patterns as well.

"We have a good viewership in Northwest Indiana. It's very important to us and our weather team is very in touch with this area," said Curran. "This is such an important weather region since it's located in the snow belt."

Although to be fair, the weather was only one part of an opportunity to make yet another one of its visitors fall in love with the city.

"I think Valparaiso is wonderful. You have no shortage of great brewpubs and no shortage of coffee places here," said Curran. "I went to Fluid Coffee and since I'm so serious about coffee, I got into a large conversation about coffee and their nitro brewed coffee. I also grabbed a pretzel at Ben's Pretzels and grabbed ice cream at Valpo Velvet. I've learned so much about Valparaiso's history and these new places that are so fantastic. Central Park is stunning, the Urschel Pavilion is stunning and I got my picture with Orville.”

“What more can you want?"

And for one young viewer, this visit may have earned Curran another dedicated Valparaiso fan eager to learn more about the weather from their favorite meteorologist.

"I think I might start watching it more with my Mom now," said Colby. "She likes it and I thought it was cool that he came all the way from Chicago to be here. He's really cool, he's Ed Curran."

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