Visual Cues for Serving Sizes

By: Marci Crozier Last Updated: August 6, 2011

Fruit-BasketEating foods you like, preparing them properly (low fat) and PORTION CONTROL are keys to your healthy nutrition plan. Here are a few “cues” for serving sizes to keep in mind:

  • Baseball or light bulb = 1 cup
  • Tip of thumb or half dollar = 1tsp
  • Whole thumb or silver dollar = 1 tbl
  • Tennis ball = medium piece of fruit or muffin
  • Golf ball or egg = 1/4 cup
  • Deck of Cards = 3 oz of meat
  • Checkbook = 3 oz of fish 
  • Four (4) stacked dice = 1 oz of cheese
  • Computer disc or tube of lipstick = 1 oz of meat/cheese
  • Ping Pong Ball = 2 tbls
  • Can of tuna = 1 bagel
  • Computer mouse = medium potato
  • Rounded handful = 1 oz of snack food

The more you pay attention to your portions, the easier it gets. Even portions can become habits.

Eat to live

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