Von Tobel Brings New Hawthorne North Subdivision to Valparaiso City Limits

Von Tobel Brings New Hawthorne North Subdivision to Valparaiso City Limits
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: July 25, 2018

Anyone driving through the north side of Valparaiso has probably noticed the new subdivision development along Calumet Avenue. Hawthorne North is bringing a new, 68 lot development inside the city limits, with some of the largest lots available inside the city. Phase one is open for development and offers builders a chance to create something wonderful in Valparaiso.

  Von Tobel learned of the desire for a new development within the Valparaiso city limits from their builder customers and local realtors, and decided to develop a parcel of land. Located just 3.5 miles from downtown Valparaiso and it’s award-winning attractions, but still secluded enough to feel private, Hawthorne North is sure to be a perfect destination for those looking to build.

   “I believe it gives the residents the best of both worlds,” said Ken Pylipow, President and CEO of Von Tobel. “When they are at home, they are in a quiet subdivision environment with spacious yards, plenty of landscape, and sidewalks, but they are still located within the city limits.”

   While the location offers plenty of benefits, including easy access to State Road 49, the subdivision itself boasts some impressive features. One of the highlights, of course, is lot size. With many subdivisions feeling cramped, Hawthorne North takes a different approach and offers a generously sized lot in comparison to typical lots within city limits. Pylipow was glad to explain some of the benefits of the larger lot size.

   “This gives new homeowners more flexibility on the size and layout of the house they can build, provides enough space for a three-car garage, and allows them the opportunity to have a little more space between them and their neighbors,” Pylipow said.

   Additional benefits include living near to local retailers and dining, access to Valparaiso schools, and being a part of the Valparaiso community. Lots are still available in phase one, and any homeowner or builder is welcome to purchase a lot and build in the subdivision.  

  For more information on Hawthorne North, their covenants, and requirements for building, visit their website at www.hawthornenorth.com!