Von Tobel’s Commercial Supply Division supplies all of your building material needs

Von Tobel’s Commercial Supply Division supplies all of your building material needs
By: Kali Beatty Last Updated: November 11, 2019

Von Tobel, a 100-percent employee-owned company, has been in business in Northwest Indiana for more than 50 years and has grown substantially. While their commercial supply division is young, it offers quality resources to professional contractors for new construction and remodeling projects big and small. 

The commercial department at Von Tobel started a few years back and was organized into a group in 2018. They primarily focus on multi-family commercial work and have six people within the department who specialize in framing, windows, siding, interior doors, and flooring. Director of Sales Tracy Marsh said they have done multiple projects in a number of states including Tennessee, and they’re starting one in Missouri next year.

“I’ve hired an account manager, so we have specifically hired new positions for the department and organically grown into it from our residential side as well,” Marsh said. “We’re offering products that we historically have always sold, but the commercial part of our industry is almost a separate entity compared to our residential, so it’s an extension of what we’ve always done, just in a larger and more technical space.”

Von Tobel’s commercial supply division has worked with companies such as Larson-Danielson, Tonn and Blank, Berglund, Gariup, Ryan, Panzica, and Holladay, with four Indiana stores serving Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Chicagoland areas. They sell everything from lumber, windows, siding, roofing, flooring, kitchens, fireplaces, and paint, to the keys you need in your hand when you walk into your new or remodeled home. 

“We have a wonderful staff of fellow employee-owners all focused on taking care of our customers,” Marsh said. “Because it is our company, we’re all heavily invested in being a part of our customers’ homes or businesses, and by striving to have happy customers we continue to build and work in the neighborhoods we serve.”

Even with Von Tobel’s expansion into commercial supply, they’re always giving back to the communities in which they live and work. It’s just one more reason for their booming business.

“I’m proud to be part of Von Tobel because of how involved we are in the community in all four of our locations, and how we’ve been involved that way since the very beginning,” Marsh said. “From industry groups to United Way to baseball teams, we’re just part of the hometown feel and for anybody, it’s nice to know that you’re part of the community and working with a company that wants to be a part of the community.”