Vyto’s Pharmacy Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary at New Location with Chester, Inc. and Highland Community

Vyto’s Pharmacy Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary at New Location with Chester, Inc. and Highland Community

There are few industries where trust is more important than healthcare. That’s why Vyto’s Pharmacy, locally owned and operated, is thriving one year later at their new location on Kennedy Avenue in Highland.

On Friday, Vyto’s celebrated its first-year anniversary of their Highland location’s grand opening with an open house, cookout, and mini health fair. Offering free food, beverages, prizes, and more, Vyto’s welcomed the community to their location with open arms.

“This is about giving back to our community, patients, and future patients,” said Nathan Damasius, CEO of Vyto’s Pharmacy. “Being an independent business, we can cater to people individually – we’re not a big box store. Everyone that we employ is from Lake or Porter County, so all the money we make goes back into the community.”

The new location allows Vyto’s increased visibility and more showroom space for their medical equipment. Everything plays a part in providing top-notch customer service that fulfils their mission to make customers feel like family. Rich Shields, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Chester, Inc., the contractor that designed and built the new building, paid a visit to the open house to show his and Chester, Inc.’s support.

“We prioritize loyalty and satisfaction, so we always like to sustain good relationships with our clients,” Shields said. “We like to come out and contribute to celebrations like this all the time. We’re incredibly happy for Vyto’s. They’ve made it a year here and are growing and expanding. Just as all our clients, we’d like to keep being a part of their family!”

The day proved to be about a lot more than simply celebrating – it brought in many new community members new to Vyto’s community-focused business practices. Without even needing to enter the store, guests enjoyed hot dogs, live music, games, and more while learning about how Vyto's treats customers like family.

“Building a bond of trust is important,” said Rene Chavez, who attended with his daughter. “Unfortunately, a lot of people go through health issues where they need a pharmacy. Having a place like Vyto’s that they can rely on is something valuable to any individual. Service like this is the number one thing to look for.”

Through free delivery, a speedy drive-through, home medical equipment, and an average wait time of fewer than 15 minutes for pharmaceutical care, Vyto’s partnership with Chester, Inc. resulted in a premier location for Highland and the Region at large.

Learn more about Chester, Inc. at www.chesterinc.com, and for more information about Vyto’s Pharmacy at www.vytospharmacy.com.