Want a Great Body and Great Health? Go Beyond the Gym Walls

Beyond Gym Walls, LLC was started to inspire, encourage, and empower through fitness by way of boot camps and personal training. Beyond Gym Walls was started to think of fitness and healthiness outside of the f walls of gym and make it more of an every day lifestyle. The base of everything that BGW engulfs is based off of the weight loss journey and weight struggles of the Beyond Gym Walls, LLC owner, April Gatlin. The boot camps were developed for accountability and motivation to empower each and every member as they are able to see their progress in many different facets.our

The personal training aspect was initiated to really give the one on one attention to those who need the individual attention or those who need to pushed to that ‘next’ level. Both programs, are developed to bring out the best ‘fit’ version of each client, whether it be through MMA rope drills, running intervals, timed body weight circuit or obstacle courses. Both programs have been and are continuing to be very successful. Skeptical? Take a look below at what real members of the boot camps and personal training have to say about April and her life changing programs.

“I joined BGW to get back in shape after my 2nd child. I soon realized it's more than just a workout program; it's a lifestyle change. I am living a much healthier life now because of April and BGW.” -Erin Kritsch Meece

“It has made me realize that I can be selfish and that I do deserve an hour for myself. Being a mom, you sometimes forget about caring for yourself and she reminds you that it is ok to do that. She makes sure we are all for one and one for all but we are still individuals as well. One of my favorites is: Don't come up here talking to me with your peanut butter breath!” -Norma Risner Garner

“I like it because I have friends now... And I get my cardio on big time." -Jack Hines

“An April Gatlin quote she has said to me, ‘You’re so much stronger than you think you are.’ She has said that to me many times when I am either down on myself or falling behind…that has done a lot more for me than she knows. Thanks, April!” -Doreena Corley

“My life completely changed one year ago when I started. I learned how to maintain healthy eating, living...life style in general. The BGW family is something that I cherish and will never stop.” -Tiffany Coffey

“BGW gave me my confidence back. My body isn't perfect, but I like it again for the first time since I had kids, 8 years ago. My confidence has improved my relationships with my husband, kids, and friends. The kindness, and encouragement I get from my BGW friends makes me feel safe and empowered. I never thought I could do something like this, and I am so proud of myself for taking a chance. I have April and my BGW friends to thank for helping me change my life.” -Hannah Hill.

“BGW has changed my life! I've reached goals that I would never have thought to be possible. BGW is so much more than a workout. It's a support system of amazing people that push you to be the best version of yourself and are there to catch you when you fall. I can't adequately describe how much my life has changed in the last 10 weeks all thanks to BGW!” -Stephanie Smith

“Jenny I have lost 50 pounds since joining BGW my life no can help in any way needed. I can help. I wrote success story if you want me to share it with you let me know.” -Jessica Morrow McFadden

“BGW has drastically changed me, my body, and my life. It has been the most successful lifestyle journey I have been on!! I would not be where I am today, if it wasn't for my BGW friends and most of all April Gatlin!!!” -Kelly Zimmerman Peddle

“I really can't say anything that hasn't already been said. I will say this, It has been the best, hardest, most enlightening 10 weeks of my life. My relationship with my husband, children, and friends has blossomed more than I ever thought possible. I couldn't even run a mile without walking, now I am running 5 miles nonstop and then going straight to work. April has forever changed the way I look at life, fitness and relationships with others. I am the happiest I have ever been. It is so exciting when I get home and my kids are wanting to know what I did that day at bootcamp. My "family" there is so supportive. What a journey I am on!” -Sara Plazony Smith

“April has this amazing ability to push us harder than I ever could have imagined, to always do more, and do better, while insisting we have compassion for ourselves and for one another. Compassion for one another is the easy part. The camraderie here makes our intense workouts enjoyable. April doesn't just encourage us to work out harder. She teaches us that physical fitness is a total package: activity, nutrition, rest, and emotional health. The workouts are hard, it's true, but really satisfying. She's pretty amazing.” -Darlene McCarty Cohn

Testimony from present Personal training client:

“When I walked into April’s boot camp for the first time, I was immediately hooked; Her workout routines improved my lifestyle both physically and mentally. Her ever-changing routines make it so easy for me to stay involved; they ensure that I always have fun, and they also keep me anticipating the next workout! Had I not joined “Beyond Gym Walls”, I don’t know where I would be today. April has helped me strive for a fitness filled healthy lifestyle that I have no intention of abandoning. April cares about each and everyone one of us as the people we are, the reasons we’re here and the people we want to be. To her, we’re not just clients, we’re family. All those T-Shirts aren't just phrases; they’re her mottoes. She will always push you, and she will never let you give in.” -Erica Zosso