Want to Be on the Radio? Now’s Your Chance with the WVLP 98.3 RadioThon

By: WVLP 98.3 FM Last Updated: November 2, 2010

WVLP is going to be hosting its first RadioThon, or shall we call it a “friend raiser”? For one whole week, Valparaiso’s very own radio station is inviting you – yes you! – to come down and appear on the air. Have you ever wondered what it would be like for your friends and neighbors, or even yourself, to hear what you sound like?

Well, here is your chance. From November 1st through the 7th, WVLP will be your platform to be a radio personality and have yourself heard live by the fine people of Valparaiso. Play your favorite music. Have a poetry reading. Guest your own talk show. Do some stand-up comedy. It’s up to you. Share your passions.

WVLP is a low-power local station which has, for over eight years, served the citizens of Valparaiso. Our inclusive station has always practiced the big-tent policy, whereby everyone can participate and be a part of this powerful communicative tool. Our only mandate is to be the conduit of information and entertainment for the people of Valparaiso, the essence of listener-supported, community-based media!

The RadioThon is an outreach event to bring forth more attention and listeners to WVLP. Time slots are still available, but going fast. We invite all who are interested to contact us – at 476-9000 or email at info@wvlp.org – to see how you can have this unique opportunity to be on radio! WVLP is our station, all of us citizens of Valparaiso. We hope to hear from you all very soon.

Click here to visit the WVLP website and click here to see the current schedule!