WANTED: Vince Vaughn for an Internship

By: Gary Southshore RailCats Last Updated: June 17, 2013

Internship-Web“This will not be your average internship.” That is the statement made in Vince Vaughn’s new movie The Internship. The same can be said for the internship offered by the Gary Southshore RailCats.

The minor league baseball team is now looking to add some star power to their group of interns. In The Internship, Vaughn is faced with the challenge of an internship at Google, but now the RailCats are challenging him to spend a game as an intern at their home field, the U.S. Steel Yard.

This internship offers a wide range of experience. From the highs of getting commission from sales and watching tons of baseball, to the not-so-highs of pulling the tarp on to the field, or getting in a chicken suit to dance on a dugout. Character is built, skills are gained and the bond that only a group of hard-working interns can understand is formed.

Now, the challenge is getting Vaughn in contact with the RailCats. Much like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, it is assumed that everybody knows somebody that knows somebody who has some sort of contact with Mr. Vaughn. Since he is a Chicago native who loves baseball, a short drive to Northwest Indiana to work for the area’s top minor league team is an enticing offer.

With that in mind, spread the word! Pass on this release and let’s see if Vince Vaughn is up for the challenge of being a RailCats intern. He can even bring his right hand man Owen Wilson, and throw out the only honorary “Intern First Pitch” in RailCats history. Contact Natalie Kirby at nkirby@railcatsbaseball.com with any more information.

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