Washington Township Elementary News: Webelos Scouts, Students of the Week, and Mileage Club

By: Washington Township Elementary School Last Updated: November 5, 2010

Last week the students enjoyed Halloween parties in each of their classes that started off with an all school parade in the gym. Thanks to the many parents that helped organize the individual parties! See the attached photos for some of the fun!

Thanks to Webelos Scouts for Moving a Mountain

A big thank you to the Webelos 1 & 2 scouts & parents & siblings who worked so very hard at spreading out the wood chip pile at the school playground this past Thursday. They all learned & demonstrated that when we all pitch in together even a mountain can be moved!!! And, that doing something to serve our community gives us a sense of pride in volunteering our efforts! Thank you, Webelo Volunteers: Ethan Taylor, Ryan McCormack, Austin King, Bobby Walker, Noah Risner, Ethan Jones, Andy Vas, Derek Sweitzer, Hunter Pritchard, Travis Darnell, Everett Mitchell, Nate Vas, Evan Jones, Mike Sweitzer, Chris Vas, Rob Jones, Chris Mosby, Becky Darnell, Jim King, Mickey Pritchard, Dianne McCormack and Barry McCormack.

Students of the Week

1st Grade: Brady Berryman 1C; Kyle Lukes 1H; Kiersten Rotz 1P

2nd Grade: Gaby Ibarra 2B; Zach Davenport 2F; Charlie Schmidgall 2R

3rd Grade: Madison Gilbert 3B; Steve Finley 3M

4th Grade: Michael DeHaven 4B; Mark Miller 4U

5ht Grade: The Whole Class 5K; Kensey Jackson; 5R; Breanna Wright 5Z

Mileage Club Update

Since last report the following students have finished 10 miles or more for mileage club:

10 miles: Jack Briggs, Kathy Orta, Spencer Moore, Savannah Wilgus

15 miles: Ayden Polhemus

20 miles: Robert Vinzant

Your Help Is Needed!

Did anyone get photos from the Traveling Rainforest performance at Kouts school or the Morgan Twp/WT Staff basketball game? If so, please submit them to robyn.walsworth1@gmail.com