Washington Township Seniors’ Final Footsteps Sets Path for Elementary

Washington Township Seniors’ Final Footsteps Sets Path for Elementary
By: Kyle Hovanec Last Updated: May 9, 2016

Washington Township High School Seniors took one last lap through their old stomping grounds while showing off their graduation caps and gowns to some elementary students.

The seniors gathered at Washington Township Elementary school and took a walk through the halls of the school, occasionally stopping to high five a student or give out a hug to a teacher who previously taught them at a young age.

"We just started this year, a parent heard about it taking place at a school in Texas and we just thought it would be perfect here," said Washington Township High School Principal Rik Ihssen. "We're a K through 12 campus and 3/4s of these kids went to classes in this building so it was a great way to say congratulations and goodbye."

For the graduating seniors, a previously planned opportunity presented the perfect opening to take one last stroll through the halls of their childhood.

"They were having their senior pictures taken today and we thought since they're already here, why not just have them walk through the building," said Ihssen.

As students walked through the halls, complete with red and black gowns and caps, young students and their teachers stood by the side, clapping, cheering and occasionally giving a hug and high fives to their older counterparts.

As the walked ended, students ended up at a wall of photos from past students, while taking the time to find their younger selves, the moment of coming full circle was never more apparent. From humble beginnings to bright futures, the seniors of Washington Township High School had the send off they deserved.

"They've gotten a lot bigger, some of them I don't even recognize," said Ihssen. "It's bittersweet. I have a lot of good memories and they're a good group of kids so it's just the best way to send them off."