We Felt the Need for Speed

NITCO-fiber-installation-4Greased lightning ain't got nothin' on us. You thought we were fast at Ideas in Motion Media before? Hang on to your laptops, cell phones and iPads, folks, because we're about to bring you good news even faster.

We recently partnered with NITCO and they just finished installing their new high speed fiber access lines. With these new lines, we will be able to get more good news up even quicker than we do already. Let me throw some numbers at you:

NITCO-fiber-installation-2Before, our wifi and ethernet ran at around 25Mbps (megabytes per second). Now we have 50Mbps of Business Broadband Service, and 50Mbps of NITCO WiFi to work with!

In lamens terms, we are now going to be twice as fast as we were before. Pretty awesome, wouldn't you say?

Tom Long, NITCO Chief Operating Officer, said, "ValpoLife has been supportive to our NITCO family by promoting our community involvement. They’ve played an instrumental role in spreading our good news. You know positivity is contagious! I believe that’s part of the reason why our partnership has been so successful."

nitco-install-2And this couldn't have happened at a better time as we are about to launch our fourth Life site: www.NWIndianaLife.com. This new site will cover a lot of news from a very large area and our reach will be even further and more widspread, so we need NITCO's top-notch technology to make sure that we can bring you the all the good news Good news that we get as quickly and efficiently as possible whether it's sent to us, or we go out and find it.

"It's been awesome seeing the NITCO servicemen adding some new lines on Napoleon Street in Valparaiso and we are excited to get this going and shout out how great the service NITCO provides us is," Jenny Craig, Executive Team Leader and Lady Lifer at Ideas in Motion Media, said.

Thanks to NITCO, the Good news is traveling faster!

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