We Wish a Fond Farewell to Heather Ennis

In each chapter of our lives, we fill the pages with our experiences, our precious moments, and our personal transformations. Each ending chapter makes way for the next. A new beginning, with fresh pages to write upon and saturate with life.

Heather Ennis is about to have another new beginning in her life. As you all know, she was the Executive Director of The Duneland Chamber of Commerce. You saw her at many of the Chamber functions and about town, always with a smile on her face.

On March 24th, there was a Farewell Party at Riley's Railhouse in Chesterton in her honor. The place was packed with people that new and loved Heather. Delicious food was served, great music played (there was even live entertainment), and everyone warmly wished Heather luck and great success in her new job. She recently accepted the offer to become President and CEO of the Northwest Indiana Forum, and the party was a nod to her and all that she has accomplished during her time with the Chamber.

"This Chamber is such a wonderful organization and we have great members," Heather said. "I love working with them and helping them further their business. Being able to do something similar for several counties across Northwest Indiana is is such a great opportunity that I couldn't pass it up. I absolutely love what I have done here, I love the people that I've gotten a chance to work with, I love our mission; I know that there is a lot more involved in the NWI Forum environment...so I'm very excited to get into it."

One of the many well-wishers was Christina Koliboski, Office Coordinator for the Duneland Chamber of Commerce.

"I've really enjoyed my time working with Heather. She has been great. Everybody at the Chamber has been great and they welcomed me," Christina said. "It was sad to hear that she was leaving but I'm really happy for her. She doesn't need luck, she'll do great."

Maura Durham will take over as president of the Chamber in Heather's stead. Maura is currently the Membership Marketing Coordinator. She will officially become the Executive Director on March 31, 2014. Maura is a bright young woman with enthusiasm and lots of experience. The Chamber is in good hands.

Congratulations, Heather! We at Ideas in Motion Media wish you lots of luck!

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Big thanks goes out to Impact Solutions, Great Lakes Catering and Special Events, Shady Lawn Florist, and Riley's Railhouse for making the afternoon special.