Weather Information for the City of Valparaiso

valpopoliceThe Valparaiso Police Department has activated their Senior Care Program and will be calling seniors that have registered with the police department. The activation of this program is due to the dangerously cold temperatures.

In Valparaiso, individuals can contact the Red Cross, Valparaiso Police, and Valparaiso Fire Departments if they need assistance due to the cold conditions.

The New Creation Shelter located at 653 Axe Avenue is being used as a warming shelter for individuals.

The elderly are at the highest risk during the cold weather and neighbors, friends and family should contact the elderly during these types of conditions to check their status.

Everybody should remember that long periods of exposure to the cold temperatures can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. If you have mechanical problems with your vehicle remember to stay with your vehicle. Use extreme caution when using portable heaters.

If assistance is needed you can call Red Cross at 462-8543; Valparaiso Fire Department at 462-8325 and Valparaiso Police Department at 462-2135. If you would like more information regarding the Police Department’s Senior Care Program log onto the department’s website at