Wednesday eLearning – Second Semester

Wednesday eLearning – Second Semester

Last night, the Valparaiso Community Schools Board of Trustees approved the recommendation to improve and extend weekly Wednesday eLearning days through the second semester. You may access the revised 2020-2021 School Year Calendar here: Revised 2020-2021 School Year Calendar. Please note, the scheduled half-day on Friday, April 9th has been changed to a full day. 

This recommendation was designed as a responsive model to the detailed feedback received through many group discussions, a parent survey, and the town hall forum surrounding the first-semester system. A summary of weekly Wednesday eLearning hallmarks including improvements for the second semester can be found here: Scheduled eLearning Hallmarks 2020-21

Our community partners, Boys & Girls Club and the YMCA, will continue their child care services during second semester weekly Wednesday eLearning. All families are welcome to utilize these flexible child care programs that allow students to attend for a full or partial day. Fee assistance associated with child care for Wednesday eLearning is available to families using the link below. Families with unique child care circumstances specific to the needs of their child should reach out to VCS for support in developing an individualized plan. Click here to contact VCS about additional support and resources including child care fee assistance. 

Valparaiso YMCA Flyer

Valparaiso Boys & Girls Club Flyer

We believe the improvements and resources available in the second-semester model will provide support for students and families while allowing teachers the time necessary to plan, execute, and manage high-quality learning experiences for in-person, remote, and quarantined learners.