What a Treat at Zao Island’s Trunk or Treat!

What a Treat at Zao Island’s Trunk or Treat!

On Sunday, Children and families dressed up in their best costumes and were entertained by the many activities that Zao Island had to offer at it's Trunk-or-Treat event. With haunted miniature golf, hayrides, a costume contest, and a trunk-or-treat path, there was no better place to spend the evening. No matter what age, Zao Island was the perfect place to bring together families and friends.

Zao Island, located in Valparaiso, attracted people of all ages. This wonderful place is guaranteed to entertain and provide an evening of special memories. General Manger, Ryan Wright, described why Zao Island is great for everyone.

“A lot of the events that we throw are good family friendly, positive events,” Wright explained. “This is a fun way for kids to come, be safe, and hang out at a fun place with a lot to do.”

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The list of things to do at Zao Island is endless. Some of the activities that attracted people were arcade games, laser tag, bumper cars, go-karts, and delicious pizza. The scary Halloween decorations along the mini golf path were also a surprising sight for many.

“Mainly, we wanted to do something fun and Halloween themed,” Wright described.

Kary Long, an attendee, brought her cousins to the Trunk-or-Treat event and shared some of her favorite memories from Zao Island.

“My favorite memory was when my older cousins would race around the go-kart track. They would always let me win because I was the only girl,” Long described. “We had a lot of indoor fun too. When it was cold outside or rainy we would go to the arcade and have fun. It was a great time.”

Not only does Zao Island bring fun to kids but it also keeps them safe. Cherish Shafer, another attendee, explained her enjoyment of the community coming together and providing a safe area for kids of all ages.

“It seems a lot of people got to dress up without having to go to a lot of different houses,” Shafer said. “It is all in one spot and I think it is a great opportunity for kids.”

Although this event was a first for Zao Island, as Wright announced, there is a possibility of it becoming an annual tradition.

“We have not done this before, but we will probably end up doing something like this again," Wright said.

Trunk or Treating on the Island was a fun and safe way for families, friends, and communities to enjoy the Halloween festivities. Zao Island is a special place for people to make unforgettable memories as many have described. With endless activities and great food there was not a better way for people to spend their Sunday evening.