What Are You Doing Before Summer Ends?

By: ValpoLife.com Last Updated: August 16, 2010

Back-to-School-chalkboardJust more than a week to go before school starts. What fun stuff are you going to try to do before the fall school year starts? Send in your answers to contribute@valpolife.com!

I'll be spending a few hours each day at school getting my 6th grade classroom ready. I love this time of year!
Cheryl Sessa Highlan

I still like Michigan's law of not starting school before Labor Day.
Dave Hanna

Toni Clouse Mullins

Shopping with my daughter
Barby Adkins Alfredson

Cubs game and Aerosmith
Tayler Grashel

Vacation to Tennessee!
Paula 'Gifford' George

Wishing I were going back to school--I was a big geek and loved going the first day! New clothes, new teachers, loved it all.
Kristin Morrisson

I have been working hard to get my classroom ready for my new group of 3rd graders! This is an exciting time of year for teachers, too. We are blessed with "summer" - and NEED it to rest and revive - but when it's time for school to begin, we are ready, too. I do always say, though, "if I only had one more week."
Susan Hoffman

I went to michigan. I went tubing and kneeboarding. It was a great way to end my summer before going to middle school.
Carrollynn Sharp