What is Remote Deposit Capture?: Ask the Expert

RDCRemote deposit capture provides business customers the ability to make deposits without leaving their office. With remote deposit capture, business customers use a check scanner to send checks directly to the bank. The scanner is usually small in size – some are as small as a credit card machine – and provides customers with an instant image of their checks. Not only do the deposits reach the bank in record time, but research is a snap, as check images are only a click away.

A remote deposit capture system provides customers with a secure and easy-to-use program to manage their deposits. Because the system is web-based, there is no software to purchase or maintain. Many banks offer robust reporting and research capabilities, and companies can assign multiple access levels to a variety of users.

By using remote deposit capture, customers no longer have to prepare a deposit ticket or physically endorse checks prior to making a deposit. Best of all, customers can minimize or eliminate trips to the bank, which saves both time and money.

-Horizon Bank Expert Julia Cardenas