What it takes to be a real estate agent with Lynda Anderson

What it takes to be a real estate agent with Lynda Anderson

We sat down with real estate extraordinaire Lynda Anderson of Boulder Bay Realty Group to get the inside scoop on what it truly takes to be a real estate agent in today’s current and competitive field. 

For starters, there are simple characteristics that must be embodied in the aspiring realtor. 

The self-driven, go-getter type. The service heart. Someone who is not afraid to put a client’s needs in front of their own. The communicator. The learner. 

If you have these qualities, then we are off to a great start.

The first steps are basic. To be a licensed realtor, one must go through a schooling program of their choice and pass the real estate test from the school as well as from the state. After both are achieved, it’s time to decide what company you feel best fits you. 

“From there your career starts,” Anderson said. 

Being a realtor is uniquely entrepreneurial because, simply put, you are your own business.

“You are opening up a business,” Anderson said. “Everyday you are unemployed. Every day you are looking for that new job. So when one home closes, you’re unemployed again.”

Despite these challenges, a dedicated realtor has the opportunity to create the footwork for maximized professional and financial gain. 

“You can dream big with this career. I personally started out as an agent and had no desire to own a real estate company. And now, here I am, I own it.”

For Anderson, the energy she put in was exactly what she got out of it. 

“There is no ceiling on what your real estate career can do for you.  You get what you put in. So if you put in a little, you get a little. You have to be self motivated to make it rain.”

As a realtor, you are the charge of your own success. You have the opportunity to choose if this is a part, or full time job. For the aspiring full-timers, Anderson left the following piece of advice:

“If you want this to be your career, you can’t dabble. You’ve got to jump in with everything you have.” 

“Many people want to get into real estate so they can have a flexible schedule,” Anderson said. “But, does a business owner have a flexible schedule?  You must be there for your clients.”

Most importantly, the aspiring realtor must be confident and wise in choosing the company they will be taking their first “real” steps with.

“It’s so important to be with a company that will guide you and be right by your side. When you are starting off, there is still so much to learn,” Anderson said. “You are getting into legal contracts with your buyers and sellers. If you don't have your act together, it can cause huge issues.  Our training is not for everyone.  It’s pretty intense.  We expect a lot from our agents.  The more knowledgeable our agents are the better service their clients will receive.” 

For Anderson and her team, this is a very serious line of business. Homes, for most people, are one of the biggest investments they will ever make.

For the last 29 years, Anderson has been successfully leading real estate agents in the region. 

“Twenty-nine years later and I love it. It’s my career, my hobby, my passion - it’s everything; my lifestyle.”

“The real estate agent must be driven.  They must be service oriented.” Anderson said.  There is no typical day as it’s a constant learning experience.”

If you have thoughts about becoming a realtor, be sure to find a company that will propel your professional and financial growth. Boulder Bay Realty Group is highly recognized for its hands-on training and guidance. This goes to show in their ultimately successful line of realtors.

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