What Sets BucherTech Apart? The Human Aspect.

What Sets BucherTech Apart? The Human Aspect.

Since 2001, BucherTech has empowered businesses and organizations around the Region through smart, effective, and timely IT solutions. As a local business however, what makes BucherTech stand out is more than just their top-of-the-line products and services, but how they go about their business.

BucherTech offers managed IT services where they form a partnership with their clients and provide constant support, security, updates, and disaster management. The old-school model for IT solutions providers was selling blocks of time that a company could cash in when something went wrong.  Although a viable way, inevitably creates a reactive relationship. BucherTech’s model instead aims to stop trouble before it even starts.

“Working with our clients in this fashion keeps us on the same end of the table,” said Ben Bucher, Operations Manager for BucherTech. “We don’t put people in year-long agreements, or three-year agreements, or anything like that. We have to earn our clients business every month. We strive to earn their trust every day.”

A key aspect to building that trust is the team of experts that BucherTech has assembled. While the crew is filled with professionals boasting years of experience and certifications, the first thing they look for when bringing on new members is a bit different than someone might expect.

“The number one thing we look for is empathy,” Bucher said. “That to us is as important as technical ability”. There will always be challenging technical issues, and if we can’t empathize and “walk a mile in their shoes”, then we aren’t doing our jobs. We take pride in how much our guys are emotionally engaged and how they respond to our clients.”

While also being leaders in quality service, BucherTech stays on the edge of new technologies and security updates. One unfortunate common problem among businesses is ransomware, where attackers use things like fake emails or websites to steal information before ransoming it back to the business. BucherTech employs KnowBe4, a platform that helps businesses teach their employees how to avoid common phishing and ransomware attacks.

“Right now, we’re in a period where information theft and virus development is a profession,” Bucher said. “Advisors like us are constantly monitoring, looking for and implementing solutions that keep those kinds of attackers away.”

To learn more about BucherTech, visit them at buchertech.com.