Where Are They Now: A Look at Some of Ideas in Motion Media’s Former Team Members

iimm-staff-update-apr-2015We’ve seen our share of talented individuals at Ideas in Motion Media since we first launched ValpoLife.com in March of 2009. We take pride in hiring bright young minds who want to work hard and share the positive in their world.

We call them “athletes” after the football term for players who may not have a specific position, but they are people you want on their team. We want people who may have experience in one area, but are adaptable and quick enough to adjust to do anything.

In reaching out, it was great to see a number of people doing what it is they did best while they were here. In this environment, you are able to build out a number of skill sets that you wouldn’t be able to develop, at least not as quickly, as you would at Ideas in Motion Media.

We asked of of former team member's to give us an update on where they are at now, and what they learned during their time at IIMM:

Paige Pope, Purdue University student
I am currently studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications at Purdue University. Through my experience with Ideas in Motion Media, I was able to land an editorial internship at Purdue Marketing & Media where I get to write, edit, and create content for my school. Ideas in Motion Media was the perfect place to develop my backpack journalism skills that have served me beyond well as a writer and communications student.

Tim Moran, Editor at Patch.com (covering North Shore of Chicago)
While working at Ideas in Motion Media, I picked up numerous skills that I've found to be essential now as the Regional Editor for Patch.com on the North Shore of Chicago. The experience not only offered me a great opportunity to become a better writer, but also introduced me to social media strategies, SEO tips and new media shortcuts of which I had never known. When I started working for IIM in October of 2013, I did not even know how to use a Google Doc or what the shortcut was to copy and paste a news item. Now, I can't imagine how difficult my job would be without that knowledge. Something that seems as simple as scheduling daily Facebook posts is part of my daily routine, and I learned that too at IIMM. When Patch offered me a job before I worked for IIM, I thought I was ready. When they offered me a job after a year or so at IIMM, I knew I was ready.

The entire premise of covering good news only at IIMM has also helped me see the world in a better light. While covering all aspects of the news spectrum now, IIMM has instilled the mindset that good news does matter and it is interesting to people. While other editors may disregard an email about a kid scoring a perfect 36 on her ACT or something about the local travel baseball team donating to charity, I am making it a story.

Karin Woodside, Community Outreach Specialist at St. Mary Medical Center
I learned quite a bit from my time at IIMM, one of the most impactful lessons being the value of networking, creating relationships with other business professionals. The saying "it's all about who you know" is very much true and I would not be where I am today without relationships I created while working for IIMM. Additionally, many wonderful friendships have developed from creating these connections.

I also learned the value of being surrounded by individuals who are all working hard for a common goal. If each leg of the team is striving to do their best, you will be successful. Team unity is a key aspect of a prosperous business.

Shawn Barnes, Semi-Retired Cat Lady
I worked at Ideas in Motion Media for somewhere around 4 or so years, and in that time I learned a lot about graphic design. I had a chance to design a lot of things I wouldn't have been able to design through freelance work alone, including a few designs to be wrapped onto cars. (One of which came to fruition!) I designed websites, I designed facebook pages, I designed ads and media kits and flyers and pretty much anything and everything we needed in that time. I admit that compared to when I left, I started out barely knowing what I was doing, so now I've got some serious skills under my belt. I also got a lot of experience interacting with the community, and I met a lot of influential local business and government leaders, none of which I would have had an opportunity to do if I hadn't had the experience working at Ideas in Motion Media. Currently, I'm putting all those skills to use by spending a lot of time working on my own artwork and lazing around the house :)."

Ryan McCormick, Cinematographer/Editor at Wholehearted Wedding Film Co. and We Create Media
When I think of my times at IIMM, I can only think of all the good memories of the people I was able to interact with and the places that I was able see and report on. I'm so thankful for my time with Chris and the gang. When I started with Chris, my specialty was strictly video. But, I learned so many other things simply because Chris told me to pick up a camera and go! Being fresh out of college, I didn't have a lot of real-world work experience. I quickly learned about writing and photography, how to engage with clients and customers, and how to work as part of a team. All of these skills and disciplines I have been able to take with me and utilize on a regular basis. I currently work as Cinematographer/Editor at Wholehearted Wedding Film Co. and We Create Media right here in Valpo. I love Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana and will forever be a LIFER!

Brandon Vickrey, Sports Reporter for Post-Tribune
As I go about my day-to-day activities, I utilize ideas and skills that I learned while working for Ideas in Motion Media at nearly all times. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in various forms of media and am affiliated in one way or another with almost every media outlet in Northwest Indiana. Through all my experiences, nothing taught me organization, leadership and what it takes to be successful more than my time coordinating the coverage team at Ideas in Motion Media.

After working for “Life” through my years at Portage High School, I have moved on to Valparaiso University, where I’m pursuing a degree in digital media while staying very active in the student newspaper and radio station. I broadcast Valparaiso women’s basketball in the winter and spend my summers as the broadcaster and Director of Communications for the Northwest Indiana Oilmen baseball team. In addition, I work as a freelance sports reporter for the Post-Tribune covering Valparaiso University and high school athletics. Many of the doors that have opened for me the last two years are a director product of the work that I did over three-plus years at Ideas in Motion Media, and for that I’m forever appreciative.

Matt McLindon, Associate Producer at Windy City Live
When I left Ideas in Motion Media, it was to pursue an internship with ABC 7’s Windy City Live. There were no guarantees for the future, but I knew that this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I interned with the show for about 5 months doing a wide array of jobs and after it was all said and done, I was fortunate enough to get hired on as a Production Assistant. My duties quickly changed and I was now assisting the show’s producers with guest research and the directing team with time cues, floor plans and schedules, as well as over-seeing the new groups of interns. Wanting to prove that I had some technical skill as well, I helped pitch, write, film and edit a test segment that impressed my superiors and opened up some great new opportunities. In March, I was promoted and became the new Associate Producer for Windy City Live. Again my duties changed and I now have a much more hands on role with the show. I both film and edit footage for various packages and segments and I even produce a weekly segment called the “2 Minute Warning” that features our host Ryan Chiaverini give rapid fire questions to a celebrity guest. What is interesting about Windy City Live is how small our team really is and how just about everyone works together to fill multiple roles. Being versatile is a key factor for us and no job is too big or too small to accomplish. This is where things begin to come full circle because when I originally joined the team at IIMM, I quickly learned how to work in the kind of environment that called for tremendous amounts of teamwork, strict deadlines and never losing sight of your vision. There is no doubt that the time I had spent with IIMM helped me with my transition to Windy City Live.