Where is Your Special Place in Northwest Indiana? #MySpecialPlace

Where is Your Special Place in Northwest Indiana? #MySpecialPlace
By: Anthony Cleveland Last Updated: April 3, 2017

What's your special place in Northwest Indiana? Is it a coffee shop? A local brewpub? Or maybe yours is just a quite park bench that is shaded the right way.  What makes that spot special to you? What memories do you have there? 

We shared what makes our favorite spots special and now we want to know about yours. Check out ours below and comment back with the hashtag #MySpecialPlace. If you have photos, please share them as well! 

Gina Cullen:  Rogers-Lakewood, Valparaiso 
There's a certain spot here that is one of the slightly lesser-known prime fishing spots. I like to get up really early and head out there to watch the sun come up and fish.

Taylor Irby: Whihala Beach, Whiting 
It's an amazing beach where you can look across Lake Michigan and see the Chicago Skyline in the distance. My favorite memory there is running to the car when a thunderstorm rolled in very quickly and seeing lightning strike over the skyline

Jessica Campbell: The Indiana Dunes State Park Trails 
These trails are not simple for many runners. There are roots to jump over when your legs can’t move anymore, and there are the noises of birds, deer, and your friends running alongside of you.

Justin Wicker: The Lake-Shore 
I really enjoy spending time here. There are miles of trails, an endless beach, and close a proximity to the city. This makes it an awesome spot to get away while not having to go far from home.

Jenny Craig:  Ogden Gardens, Valparaiso 
It is such an amazing place all tucked into a corner that has so many beautiful things to see. I had my wedding here so this spot obviously has some personal memories for me. That said, anyone can enjoy this gorgeous spot, right here in our own backyard.

Joe Porter:  Beer Geeks, Highland
Low key craft beer bar with 20 rotating beer taps that you will never see the same thing twice for months. Great place to take a load off, have a great beer, play board games, Old School console video games (i.e. Nintendo), and random movies playing.  


Brett Fuller:  Kemil Beach, Beverly Shores 
I am new to Kemil Beach after seeing a friend recommend it on Facebook as a cool place in the region. It’s a bit of a hike to get out there, but it’s a really cool place to relax, throw the ball with the dogs, and get some good, quality time outdoors.

Allison Tunstall: Lifestyles, Valparaiso 
When you walk in, you're greeted by friendly faces and a store full of unique gifts and knick-knacks. The upstairs has furniture and decorations that give me so much inspiration for how I want my future home to look. It's the perfect gem in Valparaiso and it feels like home every time you walk in.

Andrew Rowe: Ogden Gardens, Valparaiso 
Having worked for the Valparaiso Parks Department's Horticulture Division, I have a pretty good sense of the work that goes into making Ogden Gardens special. The time and effort the Steve Martinson, Paul Chen, and the rest of the horticulture crew put into making Ogden special for everyone makes me appreciate it that much more. 

Robert Tovar: Any Beach!
My special place in NWI would have to be somewhere along the beach. Whether it's running up the stairs at West Beach with my dog or hanging with some buddies at Miller Beach, there is no better place to be during the summer in Northwest Indiana.

Anthony Cleveland: "The Farm," Rolling Praire
It's a wooded piece of property my family has owned for generations. Lots of memories here and it's where I proposed to my wife. It's a place that's both creatively inspiring and relaxing to me.  

Cody Morse: Roger's Lakewood Park, Valparaiso 
I’m not much of a nature-lover, but I’ve always enjoyed going to Rogers Lakewood Park in Valpo. When the park is empty, it’s the most relaxing place for me to go in Northwest Indiana.

Stephanie Swearington: - Devil's Trumpet Brewing, Merrillville 
They have an expansive selection of beers, and the staff are always attentive and friendly. 

Chris Mahlmann: Anywhere with Sun, Water, and My Wife 
Here in this region, we learn to appreciate a warm sunny day more than in other areas of the country that have longer summers and more sun. Northwest Indiana has the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline along with a number of smaller lakes that make the perfect setting for some down time to chill.