Who Are You?

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: January 19, 2010

who are youWho Are You, {valpo} Valpo{/valpo}{portage}Portage{/portage}{laporte}La Porte County{/laporte}{nwindiana}Northwest Indiana?{/nwindiana}

  • Are you a mom that would like to rave about her kids, or commend another mom in town, a teacher, your husband, a neighbor, a shop you love, or your own Mom or Dad?
  • Are you a dad that would like to share stories about your kids sports teams, or congratulate a co-worker, leader, your pastor, or thank your wife for putting up with you?
  • Are you involved with a community group that wants to get the word out about an event you are putting on to help raise awareness or funding?
  • Are you a teacher, coach, or involved in the school system and want to send us information about your team, your class, your school, your group, or some special students?
  • Are you a kid that would like a voice to talk about other good kids in town, groups or activities that you are involved in, or spread the word about your team, club, or cause?
  • Are you involved at church and looking for other ways to spread the word of your faith?
  • Are you a business that would like to promote itself via a Partner Profile that allows you to communicate press releases, upcoming events, promotions, and educational information through articles and our social media networks?
  • Would you like to write a blog or an article about something positive that you have learned or experienced?
  • Do you have a funny, positive, or community oriented thought, image, or information to share?

Whether it be a blog, article, photo, event notice, coupon, business info, game results, newsletter, church bulletin, or just a word of thanks for someone that deserves it, pass the good news along and we will share it with the community.

Try it. Send whatever you have to {valpo}share@valpolife.com{/valpo}{portage}share@portagelife.com{/portage}{laporte}share@laportecountylife.com{/laporte}{nwindiana}share@nwindianalife.com{/nwindiana} It is that easy to spread good news.

Who Are You, {valpo}Valpo{/valpo}{portage}Portage{/portage}{laporte}La Porte County{/laporte}{nwindiana}Northwest Indiana{/nwindiana}?