Who Is Going Back To School?

By: ValpoLife.com Last Updated: August 24, 2010

Whether you are celebrating, or crying your eyes out, who has a child they are proud of that is going back to school this week? Shoot us a photo of them to contribute@valpolife.com and we'll put them all up in one place to congratulate all of the Valpo kids on the start of what will be an awesome year.

Trevor and Peyton Mahlmann, Freshmen at VHS and 6th grade at St. Paul
Today is Sam Dull's first day of 1st Grade at St. Paul Catholic School!
Cathy Dull

Connor and Caleb Wooden (Connor 7, 2nd grade, Caleb 5, Kindergarten) both go to Flint Lake Elementary
Dave Wooden

My son Anthony on his first day, starting third grade at St. Pauls.  So proud of him!!!! 
Carolyn Powell

Corey Alfredson and Tyler Sexton, cousins, are attending their Freshman Orientation at VHS today Aug. 24, 2010.  They both are looking forward to Valparaiso High School.  We are so proud of them Leaving Middle School and entering High School.  Looking forward to the "Class of 2014"!!!
Barby Alfredson
Our son Jake Alfredson is going to be a Senior this year at VHS.  We are so proud of him as he considers his future goals, one of which was, by adding the "Marine Biology" course to his resume.  He attended the program at "Marine Lab" in the Florida Keys over the summer.  He was able to become a certified diver and received an "A" for the course.  Keep up the good work during your Senior Year Jake!!! Yeah Class of 2011
Barby Alfredson

This is my son, Tyler Kozma, on his first day of 1st grade at St. Paul Catholic School and I could not be more proud of him!!
Crissy Kozma
Nate, 1st grade
Dan (DJ) Dull is officially a Freshman at Valpo High! Have an awesome year, Dan!
Cathy Dull
This is Emily and Caden Walsworth starting 3rd and 2nd grade at Washington Township Elementary School in Valpo. Big day for all of us, new school and first time ever riding a bus.
Social Emily is very excited, shy Caden is very scared, and us parents, we are a bit excited and a bit nervous. We know they will do great and make lots of friends. We love you guys! We hope EVERYONE has an awesome first day back!
Robyn and Jeff Walsworth
This is my son, Liam.  This is him sitting in front of his kindergarten room on the first day.  He is going to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.
Karen Thompson
Congratulations to Olivia and Savannah White for arriving happily to 3rd and 2nd grade! We know you are going to have a rockin' great year!!! We are so proud of both of you! Love, Mom and Dad
1st day of 3rd grade at her new school, Central Elementary. Good luck Ruthie!
Camie Marfoe
First Day Back to School! Bayleigh 10th~ Jaiden 7th (First Day of Middle School)
Leah Prickett-Fritz

Gia and Nicholas Quartucci attending 3rd & 5th grade at Cooks Corner School.
Katie and Greer Brown going to VHS
Cathy Brown
This is our son, Carter Finucane, who started the first grade at Parkview Elementary.  We love you little man.
Amy and Rich Finucane