Winner of the ValpoLife/Group7even iPad Drawing Announced

By: Last Updated: July 1, 2010

ipad-winner-reggie-flesvigA month ago, we talked with Group 7even, an integrated marketing communications company here in town, about a cool way we could work together and reward one lucky ValpoLife website member for being part of the network of people that support, share, and enjoy good news about Valpo.

We came up with giving away an iPad. They had one and loved it. We didn’t but I knew we would.

So, June is over, and with the great response we've seen to the promotion, we’re thinking to ourselves, “Wow, there are a lot of tech-minded folks here in town that are now enjoying the benefits of connecting to all the good stuff in Valpo. That, or the iPad is pretty freaking cool.”

“This is a truly unique device—not a laptop, but so much more than a mobile device for viewing and interacting with online,” said Chris Mahlmann, Publisher of ValpoLife.

We had our tech wizard Kyle use a random computer-generated selector to choose for us which of our lucky members will get the prize. So, without further ado, the winner is: Reggie Flesvig, an English teacher at Boone Grove High School.

“I like reading ValpoLife because it keeps me connected to what is going on in and around this community,” said Flesvig. “I am an English teacher at Boone Grove High School so I see this as another tool to help students understand education and technology in the classroom.”

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“One common goal for our companies,” adds Michelle Andres, President of Group 7even, "is to use technology, communications, marketing, and messages to share ideas and information. We support the positive communication that ValpoLife has brought to this community. For the iPad to end up in the hands of an educator who will use it as a learning tool for students was one more highlight of this great promotion.”

“I’m active with educational bloggers online, and some have bragged about using the iPad,” said the happy Flesvig. “Now I can tell them I am using mine.”

Thanks to all registered to become a member and who participated in this event. The contests don’t end there, though. We’ve got a "Picture of Life" Photo Contest going on right now. Click here to learn more!

Photo: Group7even congratulates Reggie on winning the iPad