Winter Fun Photos and a Chance to Win!

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: January 18, 2010

And the winners are....Stephanie Wallace, Robyn Walsworth, and Phil Page!

People have already begun to send in their winter fun photos! We've had plenty of snow hit our area recently and we went to see your photos Valparaiso! It could be of sledding, snowmen, sculptures, huge piles, icicles, kids being crazy, white out conditions, beautiful drifts, or whatever you think others would enjoy seeing. Does you backyard not provide enough winter fun? Check out some of these locations for all of your sledding/skiing/snowman building fun!

Send your photos to and we will add them to this article. Cartronix has now upped the competition and is giving away 3 FREE Motorola H780 Bluetooth headsets to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!

Contest Participants

Cathy Brown
"Bubblegum enjoying some snow"

Robyn Walsworth
Pictured: Jeff Walsworth and Bailey & Chloe, the Border Collies
"Yes, there is a snowmobile in there somewhere, while the dogs are left in the dust, or should I say powder?"

Stephanie Wallace

Phil Page
Allison and Sarah Page sledding at their grandparents home

Monica Decker
"This is my 2 yr old dare devil Holly- going down our hill in our front yard by herself"

Edward Byrne

Jessica Jipping
These are the icicles hanging from the gutter on my apartment in Valpo. Yes, they really do reach down past the top of the door. Scary, but beautiful!

Michelle Pendergrass

Jeff Walsworth

Alina Hahn

Melissa Loring

Jade Leetz

Winter Fun Photos (non-contest)
Patrice Prunsky

Cathy Brown