Winter Warmth from Horizon Bank to the Salvation Army

The fine people at Horizon Bank in Michigan City have teamed up with the Salvation Army to give those in need a happy holiday. The Salvation Army has taken on the great task of helping 1,000 families in need this year.

“Horizon has been so supportive,” said Lt. Bill Brutto, Head Administrator and Pastor of the Michigan City Salvation Army. “The need is really great, and having kettles in the banks helps a lot.”

Not only have the people at Horizon Bank put kettles in their branch offices, but the Horizon Bank advisers have also been ringing the bells for the Salvation Army at both Al’s Supermarket locations in Michigan City.

In addition to the kettles, Horizon has placed some special trees in their offices. One of the trees, referred to as an Angel Tree, was decorated with paper ornaments with angels on them. This tree was put up so that Horizon customers can take an angel off the tree and donate a gift to the child who was represented on the angel.

The angels on the tree have had various age groups written on them. Anyone who wished to take an angel from the tree was given the opportunity to donate a gift to a child in that age group. Even though many age groups were represented, the age group in the most need was the age 9-12 group.

The second tree was put up at the Horizon Franklin Square office. The Winter Warmth Tree was designed to promote some much-needed donations for the children in need. People can donate hats and gloves to children who are without.

Aside from these great examples of giving, the people at Horizon Bank gave to the Salvation Army in yet another way. Charlie Roberts, the AVP and Branch Manager for Horizon Bank, presented Lt. Bill Brutto of the Salvation Army with a check, donating the sum of $5,000.

“We’re really excited to work the kettles at the different locations,” said Charlie Roberts. “This isn’t just a chance for the bank to give, but our advisers as well.”

To find out more about the Salvation Army and how you can help those in need this holday season, click here! And find the Salvation Army on Facebook!