Winter White Holiday Envelope Giveaway at Industrial Revolution

christmas-IRDuring the month of December, dine at Industrial Revolution for your chance at getting a special gift from us. It's our Winter White Holiday Envelope Giveaway at Industrial Revolution, the gift that you will want to return for!

Throughout the days of December we will give out special envelopes at random to our visitors. No peeking, though!

Come back to Industrial Revolution from January 1 to 31, 2015 and bring your envelope UNOPENED to receive one of six secret prizes. One per table. Envelope needs to be opened in front of your server to be valid.

*A $50 Gift Certificate to IR
*A Free Dessert
*A Free IR T-Shirt
*A Free Appetizer
*A $5 Discount towards meal
*A $10 discount towards meal

It's our gift to you.