WIUN Speaks with Artist Who Recycles Mardi Gras Beads

IU Northwest’s campus radio interviews Stephan Wanger

rot1Indiana University Northwest’s radio production class, in association with WIUN radio, has invited German Bead Artist Stephan Wanger to a Q&A interview with a live audience at 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 4. All are invited to join with any questions they may have in the Bruce W. Bergland Auditorium, located in the Savannah Center.

Stephan Wanger is a German-born artist who is known for his “bead art.” Beads for Wanger’s art come from New Orleans, which previously threw all of their Mardi Gras beads away. Now, Wanger acquires them and works them into art, as a form of eco-justice.

In December 2013, Wanger, with the assistance of students and adults from schools throughout the New Orleans area, completed a Guinness World Record for the largest mosaic titled, “Une Rue Principale en Louisiane”.

The WIUN Speaker Series is a six-episode live radio broadcast created by IU Northwest’s radio production class. This is the first of the series, 100 percent produced and managed by students. The Speaker Series is meant to be an intimate gathering in which students and other interested parties may get to know a little more about the featured guest.

Additional information about Stephan Wanger’s art can be found at galeriaalegria.com. Information about WIUN can be found at iun.edu/wiun/.