Women Encouraged to Be Dazzling at Spirit of Women Event

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: November 9, 2012

Sand Creek Country Club sparkled on Thursday night with a crowd of lovely ladies all celebrating the same thing: good health and wellness. Be Dazzling, a free Spirit of Women event presented by the Franciscan Alliance northern Indiana hospitals, offered women the chance to take control of their health while enjoying a girl’s night out. Health screenings, including varicose vein, bone density, blood pressure, and blood glucose, accompanied areas of pampering and shopping. There was also the opportunity for women to register for their mammogram and be properly fitted by a professional bra-fitter.

Women are the healthcare decision-makers in every household,” stated Franciscan Regional Director of Physician and Outreach Marketing Ellen Sharpe. “We want them to be happy and vibrant and healthy!

The evening kicked off with a brief welcome from Biggest Loser contestant Marci Crozier, talking about the word “bedazzle” as “something that sets apart, makes a difference,” and how to apply that concept to our health and well-being. “The biggest thing I learned on the ranch: be in the moment,” she shared. “Bedazzle someone- make a difference for them.”

It’s an honor to be a part of this Spirit of Women event because I get to represent Franciscan Alliance and the sisters of St. Francis,” Crozier stated. “There was a lady who initiated the Spirit of Women…in memory of her, I couldn’t think of anything better than this event!”

Following the welcome, Dr. James Carlson, BS, DO, MBA, JD, spoke on facts about biochemistry and nutrition, debunking four dietary myths:

Myth 1- Eating fat makes us fat. “This is false as long as we’re not over-eating carbohydrates with that fat.

Myth 2- Saturated fats and cholesterol containing foods cause heart disease.

Myth 3- If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weigh. “Most people double or triple their caloric intake before they lose weight.

Myth 4- Need to exercise in order to facilitate weight loss. “A lot of people who exercise do it too much, which stresses the body and halts weight loss.

There are five words to remember: sugar equals fat and cholesterol. The building block for creation of cholesterol is sugar.” Dr. Carlson went on to discuss the difference between white sugars and whole grains, sharing that the complex carbohydrates in the whole grains are broken down into sugars and are actually more dangerous because they take longer to digest. Our cells don’t know the difference: “sugar is sugar is sugar.

Most heart disease can be eradicated by changing the way we eat,” he stated. Instead of a low fat, low cholesterol diet, Dr. Carlson recommends a low carbohydrate, more fat, more cholesterol, and more protein diet as the correct way to eat. “Butter is better and mayonnaise is fine!

After the presentation, women were able to indulge in the various offerings, including Dessert with the Docs, intimate presentations on a specific topic and a personal question and answer time. Dr. Anne Sharkey, DPM presenting on combating aching feet and Dr. Easa Ghoreishi, MD, spoke on how to be dazzling for the holidays. Stylists from Salon Diva pampered attendees with mini manicures, hair and eyelash extension demonstrations, and hair glitter applications, and a photo booth with fun hats and props allowed women to take home a fun memory from the evening.

Other vendors that helped make the event possible were: Beijo Bags, DeLaine by Michelle Douglas, The Flower Cart, Gordon Food Service, L’eggs, Hanes, Bali & Playtex, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Memories In Minutes, Premier Designs, and Vera Bradley.