Working Out at The Lakes of Valparaiso: Apartment Living has its Perks

Working Out at The Lakes of Valparaiso: Apartment Living has its Perks
By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: March 27, 2017

One of the hardest parts about going to the gym is just that: physically going to the gym. But what if your gym was just a few steps away and connected to the lobby of your apartment complex? When you live at The Lakes of Valparaiso, heading to the gym is as easy as getting your mail.

The Lakes of Valparaiso is a recently-established apartment living complex located at 1715 Lake Michigan Drive. Even before any plans for the complex were drawn, those at LOV knew what they wanted for their future tenants. Committed to excellence, the apartments are built to accommodate the active and health conscious lifestyle, with indoor, outdoor, and lakeside amenities. The luxury, resort-style designs are meant to motivate, encourage, and provide a safe home for all. The LOV apartments appeal to a broad range of tenants, Carrie Rowell, said, a leasing agent at the complex for retired seniors, students, and young families.

Indoor: The LOV apartments include beautiful lounge furniture, television screens, a café bar and gaming tables. Walk to the left and enter the gym, an equipped workout room for those needing a quick run or lift before work. The gym offers a rack of free weights from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. There are several body weight machines – including the Precor glide functional training system, bicep curl, adjustable benches, abdominal machines, and leg extension.

There are also four Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers, which include adjustable speeds, moving handlebars, and a touchscreen console and four treadmills, also with varying speeds, inclines, and touchscreen consoles.

One corner is laid out for the bodyweight exercises and stretching, stocked with medicine balls, kettle bells, lighter free weights, and several workout step decks. There is also a television where people can choose an exercise program. These programs are like actually walking into a fitness class, where attendees can follow the instructor on the screen leading them in High-Intensity Interval classes, yoga, and cross-fit workouts.

The gym is open 24 hours a day and sees the flow of people come in and out all day long.

Morgan Mortek, a Lakes resident since September, says she tries to get to the apartment gym about four days a week, and more now since it is too cold for outside workouts.

“I use the weights and the cardio a lot, a little but of everything actually,” she said. A “packed” gym, she said, would have about six people at once.

“It’s awesome,” she added. “It is open anytime and usually I get the place to myself.”

As the weather still remains chilly, most people are usually still trekking on the treadmill, however, instead of a blank wall they stare at, they are looking outside at the soon-to-be-open pool.

Outdoor: The wall lined with treadmills and ellipticals is one floor to ceiling window. Outside on the patio a large, multiple-lane pool sits in ground next to the expanded deck and grass area. The grass area is a great place to complete a quick workout outside under the sun. Next to the grass is a cabana, which covers a large fire pit and open lounge area.

Outside will also soon feature pathways and sidewalks to wrap through the complex and around the several manmade lakes that will be situated on the grounds. Perfect for jogs, bicycling, and leisurely strolls, the LOV residents can embrace the park-like surroundings that sit right outside their door.

“The pool will be open end of May, early June,” Rowell said.

Mortek said she moved in late September, soon after the pool and outside amenities were closed for the season.

“We are really looking forward to the summer and being outside here,” she said. “It is really nice at the apartments. It is very peaceful and quiet.”

Whether the residents are training for their next marathon or use the gym for their daily yoga and pilates class, the short walk down the hallway is just one more step toward helping them accomplish their goals. Thanks to state-of-the-art machines and cardio equipment, the gym is just one more amenity that makes the Lakes of Valparaiso a great place to live in Northwest Indiana.

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