WVLP is Moving on Up!

WVLP-MoveWVLP is making some big changes. As some of you might know, the radio station recently changed frequencies, it added some new programs, and it is about to move into a new location. The new location is the Valparaiso Technical Institute, or what many call “the Tech building” on Lincolnway in Valparaiso.

“We have been at our current location since 2002,” Paul Schreiner, Founder of WVLP said. “My friend Walt [Breitinger] told me about the open space and I thought that is was a promising project.”

Breitinger owns the Tech building and has been lobbying to get occupants so that this historical landmark can stay open. The Tech building was built in 1908 and used to be a bustling hub that taught the latest in television technology, broadcasting, radio engineering, police and aviation radio, ultra high frequency, and other electronic training.

“This is a 100 year building that hasn’t been occupied for 35 years,” Schreiner said. “In early February some Valparaiso University volunteers came and cleaned the place out and we’re in the process of redoing the inside place from top to bottom. It’s going to look great when we’re finished.”

Mid-April of this year is when Schreiner expects the move to be completed. New programs have been added to the station’s lineup like "Art On The Air", “The Crusader Hour “, "Conversations With Community", and more. The new programs were able to be added when WVLP switched to a new frequency in October 2015.

Click here to see all of the programs aired on WVLP 103.1!

WVLP is a unique radio station that has made great strides in the last few years. It’s owned and operated by local people, 100% supported by financial contributions of listeners, and the shows are centered on the happenings of Valparaiso and the surrounding communities. The station is dedicated to local news and culture, things that we in Valparaiso care about.

“Combine the station’s new frequency with the move and everything else and we’ll be brand spankin’ new,” Schreiner said. “We’re flourishing. I’m pretty excited! We have the opportunity to design around what a radio station should be like.”

You won’t find many radio stations left like WVLP, so let’s continue to give our support so it can have a lasting legacy. For more information on WVLP, visit http://www.wvlp.org/.