You Can Feel Brand New With Spa Blu

You Can Feel Brand New With Spa Blu
By: Contributor Last Updated: March 23, 2017

Have you ever wanted to just escape for a day? Maybe you have had one of those weeks and just need to disconnect and relax. Do you have a lady’s day to plan? Have a birthday coming up? Well, Spa Blu is right here in the region and has all you need to be the perfect match for all your spa needs. The team at Spa Blu keeps very up to date with all the hot new services and they asked that I come and try some of the latest new services they offer.

The first thing I learned upon my arrival was, with any service you can utilize the entire facility. To embellish just a bit; this means you can arrive 2 hours early, take a steam in the sauna, soak in the whirlpool, and follow that with a lounge in the relaxation room. All of this is just the beginning of your amazing experience. And amazing it will be, no matter the service, Spa Blu creates an incredible experience for all their guests with the best in atmosphere, attentiveness, team work.

I arrived a bit early on the day of my service and was greeted with a smile and taken to the locker room for my robe and, as I mentioned, some facility time before my incredible Himalayan Salt Massage and Facial. The robes were soft and snuggly, the whirlpool was warm and inviting and the relaxation room did just the trick to get me calm and ready for the day.

I was greeted by Elizabeta Cooper the massage therapist and lead trainer at Spa Blu who has been there for 8 years. She explained some of her history, coming to the United States 15 years ago from Macedonia, getting married, and retraining in massage and physical therapy. She loves what she does because she gets to practice a more natural healing with her clients and the feeling Spa Blu offers to her as a place of work. Elizabeta mentioned “I always try to look at the glass half full and the spa really helps keep me that way and helps me appreciate all I have.” Her favorite treatment is the Himalayan Salt Massage followed by the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. She mentioned that “the Himalayan allows me to get into a zone that is very relaxing for me as well as the client.”

Elizabeta also taught me a bit about the Himalayan Salt Massage. The massage is performed with hand crafted Himalayan salt stones that are kept warm. This process with the salt stones stimulates specific meridians on the body to allow for improved sleep, reduced inflammation, and to give an immediate sense of improved well-being. Needless to say, I was excited for the benefits before we started and she was not kidding. I left that room after a 75 minute massage a whole new person. I could deal with anything and apparently, that anything was the incredible facial that was next on the agenda.

I had just enough time to grab a juice and a bite of trail mix before Tina Addison came to get my facial started. She explained that she is the aesthetician, trainer for aestheticians, massage therapist, makeup artist and has been in the world of aesthetics for 20 years with 5 years at Spa Blu. She prepped my KPS facial as she explained that this is a “fully organic, food grade facial rich in vitamins and essential oils. This facial will get into the skin and purify, refine, nourish, and activate the skin with all of the antioxidants”. This process was another full experience! The facial included an aroma therapy oil cleanse and a brightening cleanse, an orange blossom face massage, the serums step which is a stimulating anti-aging effect, a pure cacao mask that helps take away age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines and the final step is locking in that moisture with hyaluronic acid. The smells were amazing, the refreshing feel was invigorating, and Tina even massaged my arms and hands during the process.

Tina left me to shower and get ready for my day from there. They facility includes showers and towels so you can leave Spa Blu ready for work, a night out on the town, or your next big event.