Zao Island and Team Life Know How to Party

Zao Island and Team Life Know How to Party

Where else can a person mini-golf among zombies with their coworkers or battle head-to-head in an intense game of laser tag?

Zao Island, located at 1050 Horse Prairie Avenue in Valparaiso, turned the Team Life Party outing for the Ideas in Motion Media staff into a fun-filled adventure, right here in our community.

“It’s an amazing place for some family fun!” Jennifer Bissonnette Said. “Mini-golf is always a great time, the laser tag is a riot, and the arcade is packed with great games for everyone to enjoy. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a few hours of entertainment!”

Known for its colossal, mountain-dwelling dragon peering onto Route 30, this amusement center guarantees fun for everyone. Whether hosting an outing for employees, taking the family out for a day, planning a date night or looking for a fun evening out with friends, Zao Island is the place to go.

Zao Island has two mini golf courses that each stretch for 18 creative holes that turn into a Halloween-themed expedition in October for Haunted Mini Golf. The winding go-kart track next to the courses provide an exhilarating ride for those who like to rev their engines.

A newer addition to Zao Island was among the favorite of the Lifers. The Laser Maze proved to be a super fun team building activity. We ducked, we dived, we shot and raced through the indoor, mesmerizing black-light arena filled with corners and barriers to hide out behind and ambush. It also served as a healthy cardio session as some Lifers emerged with plenty of burnt calories, which luckily meant more Colada’s Pizza right inside.

“Great place to hang out!” Drew Holt said. “The workers are nice, and the games are really fun. Very few places in the area offer the same kind of fun and activities that Zao offers.”

While everyone packed in pizza at Colada’s Pizza, which standing alone is a reason unto itself to visit Zao Island, the guests over 21 enjoyed the wide selection of beers, ciders and malt beverages that satisfy any taste - hoppy or fruity. Guests could even take their drinks through the arcade and mini-golf courses, a great option for a night out, though you may want to leave the drink behind if pursuing a bumper car brawl.

“A wonderful family friendly environment fun for all ages!” Candace Arvin said. “From arcade games, bumper cars and laser tag to haunted mini-golf, batting cages and go-carts there is truly something for everyone to do! The food is great. They even have a good beer selection for those looking for more of an adult date night out.”

The Game Room will bring the inner kid out of anyone who enters the sprawling, multiple-room arcade. From the classic skee-ball of yesteryear to a virtual reality rollercoaster ride, the arcade has a menagerie of games that span all genres and eras. Zao Island is always adding to their collection, including the life-like Walking Dead zombie shooting simulator, perfect to indulge in the season’s festivities. Eventually the Lifers gravitated towards the bumper cars in The Game Room, where they zipped around and crushed each other in speedy circular bumper cars.

On more fair-weather days, Zao Island has the Slide and Bounce House in full force outside for kids, along with multiple pristine batting cages.

"Zao Island is a great and special place for family and friends,” Marina Goldstine said. “I have made a lot of special memories there, and it is always a lot of fun. When I was a kid, Zao Island was my number one place to go and have a great time. Now that I'm older, it still is! Zao Island brings out the little kid in me"

All in all, Zao Island was an unforgettable trip for Team Life and their friends and family, that ultimately brought the team closer together over an evening of pure, unadulterated fun.

“Zao Island is my go-to place for fun and entertainment. They are a great choice for parties, gatherings or just a night out with the kids!” Dan Petreikis said. “They have batting cages, laser tag, miniature golf and even go-kart racing on a huge track! I don't like to brag, but I can handle myself pretty well behind the wheel. The layout of Zao Island is just gorgeous! They really make you feel as if you are on a weekend getaway on an island. They have a good selection of beverages - soft drinks as well as more adult-oriented choices - and I love their pizza! It's always a great time on the Island!”

Zao Island also hosts special events such as live performances and an array of functions such as corporate outings, weddings, youth group trips, birthday parties and more. Visit their website at, call them at 219-462-1194 or visit their Facebook page @zaoisland.

This is what other Lifers had to say about their experience at Zao Island:

“Our kids love all the games, bumper cars and golfing. We cannot wait to go back to ride the go-karts and play laser tag!” - Stephanie Swearington

“Every time I come to Zao Island, there's something new to do! I loved the new Walking Dead shooting game and if you go, you have to do the laser tag. One of the best places in The Region to go with a group of people, or to have an event/birthday at, because there's something for everyone, not to mention their great craft beer selection for those 21+! Haunted mini golf was the bomb-diggity, the zombies really improved my short game.” - Anna Ortiz

“All-around great family fun. Large variety in activities and games.” - Curtis Hankins

“Just had our office party there. I had to kill some zombies and then play golf in the rain. After that I got my butt kicked in some laser tag. Loved it! So much fun!” - Jonathon Eddy

“Zao Island is a great place to go with the little one and let her run wild. Whether it’s mini golf, lazer tag, bumper cars, space invaders, or riding a dolphin through the virtual ocean, Zao has everything you could want to have a great time with the family. The game cards are super convenient too.” - Peter Krivas

“Zao Island is one of my favorite places, and it’s perfect for everyone. Whether you have kids, or just love games yourself, laser tag or want to hit a few baseballs, Zao Island is the perfect spot for fun! They also have the best pizza in the region.” - Jenny Craig-Brown

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