Holladay Properties celebrates 20 years of AmeriPlex at the Port

Holladay Properties celebrates 20 years of AmeriPlex at the Port

Holladay Properties is celebrating 20 years of AmeriPlex at the Port in Portage. Over 50 businesses and organizations call the mixed-use business park home, offering Portage a wide range of amenities, restaurants, and quality jobs in a wide variety of industries.

Some tenants have stayed with Holladay Properties and AmeriPlex for years – for some, it has been nearly the park’s entire two decades of history since it first moved in. Silvent North America is one of those businesses, a major innovator who creates energy efficient products that create safer working environments for manufacturers – particularly focusing on the hazardous noise from compressed air valves.

“We relocated to AmeriPlex Portage in 2004, due to the quality of the business park, property options, and convenient location to industry and the City of Chicago,” said Keith Timmons, managing director of Silvent North America. “As our business needs have grown, AmeriPlex has been able to accommodate our real estate needs.”

Silvent’s success in AmeriPlex quickly led to a need for more space. Rather than choosing to move away, the company opted to grow with the park and Holladay Properties – three separate times.

“Today, AmeriPlex Portage remains the highest quality business park in Northwest Indiana, due to the commitment made by Holladay Properties,” Timmons said. “Holladay Properties played an important role in supporting us during each relocation to minimize any negative impact on our business. Holladay Properties staff became part of our relocation team, and their support and insight were of great value to our company.”

Vision Wheel is another long-term tenant. The automotive company is a trendsetter – developing, manufacturing, and distributing custom wheels nationwide, including to championship-winning athletes.

“Porter County is a very business friendly area that provides a great employee base with direct transportation routes to several large markets,” said Todd Robinson, national sales manager for Vision Wheel. “Portage has stayed that way for years and is an easy place to conduct business. There are a lot of advantages to maintaining a distribution center in the area, and we enjoy our relationship with Holladay Properties and the community.”

Holladay Properties operates to complete a simple mission – enriching lives through investment and service. Mike Micka, Partner, and Vice President of Development at Holladay Properties, noted that AmeriPlex at the Port is an ideal example of that mission in action.

“Holladay is extremely proud of what we’ve developed in Portage,” he said. “We’ve been able to assist existing businesses in the area relocate to expand and grow their businesses, as well as bring new ones to the city.”

Holladay has developed a number of other AmeriPlex locations throughout Indiana, with their communities inspired by the success of AmeriPlex at the Port, including Merrillville and South Bend. Holladay’s flagship AmeriPlex business park is located in Indianapolis.

“It is always a great compliment when other communities in the area recognize what Holladay has done in Portage and want similar development in their communities,” Micka said. “Additionally, it is exciting to see how Holladay has grown in Portage. We started with two people sitting in a job trailer, and we now have 20 employees in Portage and have grown our business to include construction management, full-service property management, and development services.”

Timmons echoed Micka’s sentiments, praising the impact of AmeriPlex at the Port and Holladay Properties.

“AmeriPlex in Portage is more than a business park,” he said. “Their focus is on economic development for the betterment of Northwest Indiana.”

To learn more about AmeriPlex at the Port and Holladay Properties, visit www.holladayproperties.com.