German Students Place at Theaterfest Competition

By: Chesterton High School Last Updated: May 2, 2012

CHS-Students-TheaterfestSeveral Chesterton High School German students participated in the ninth annual Valparaiso University German Theaterfest competition in April.

CHS had two entries from the CHS German 4 and 5 classes in the advanced division competition under the direction of CHS German teachers Frau Michele Bartels and Herr Cary Knauff. The German Theaterfest competition involves local high school students performing skits or plays in German. The CHS German 5 class took home first place honors and the CHS German 4 class took home second place honors.

We are very proud of the performances of our students and found the event a very valuable opportunity for CHS German students to speak authentic German and experience German culture right in our backyard,” said Knauff.

Pictured are German 4 students in a skit scene where Rumpelstiltskin (Cody Mang) tries to take the Queen's (Katie Curley) baby (Scott Chemma).