Duneland Schools Honors Years of Service at Opening Day Event

By: Duneland School Corporation Last Updated: August 21, 2012

Duneland-School-CorporationDuneland School Corporation hosted their annual Opening Day event for teachers and support staff at Chesterton High School Auditorium on Monday.

Teachers and support staff serving the Corporation for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years were honored at the event.

Those receiving 20 year awards were: Cathy Fitzmaurice, Food Services manager at Brummitt Elementary; Katherine Clemons, lunch aide at Jackson Elementary & bus aide; Terry Cunningham, instructional aide at Bailly Elementary; Kathleen Wilder, title I aide at Yost Elementary; Michael Koziczynski, head custodian at Chesterton High School (CHS); Maureen Tuter, Food Services cashier at CHS; Stephanie Strawbridge, teacher at Bailly Elementary; Barbara Menn, bus driver; Bonnie Dooley, bus driver; Jodi Ortis, systems administrator; Susan Rehtorik, teacher at Bailly Elementary; Anna Zervos, teacher at CHS; Robert Yong, teacher at Chesterton Middle (CMS); Kimberly Stahura, teacher at CHS; Terese Maletta, teacher at CHS; Linda Didelot, teacher at CMS; Joseph Mullet, head custodian at CMS; Deeann Witek, coordinator of System Information Management ; Susan Vrska, secretary of Brummitt Elementary; Bonnie Rager, lunch aide at Jackson Elementary; Sheree Palko, lunch aide at Brummitt Elementary and bus aide and Susan Dewitt, teacher at Jackson Elementary

For 25 years: Betty Ward, Food Services cashier at Liberty Intermediate; Cheryl Arney, head custodian at Bailly Elementary; Charles Seter, head custodian at Liberty Elementary; Dirk Baer, superintendent of Schools; Bridget Martinson, Public Relations director; Joseph Bennett, teacher at Westchester Intermediate ; Hilda Demuth-Lutze, teacher at CHS; Nancy Moats, teacher at Bailly Elementary; Dale Hewitt, teacher at CHS; Deanna Bullock, title I aide at LES; Denise Soliday, secretary at Yost Elementary; and Donna Grennes, secretary at Bailly Elementary.

For 30 years: Brenda Gudenschwager, head custodian at Yost Elementary ; Darlene Manuzzi, computer tech and Mary Jo Keck, teacher at Yost Elementary

For 35 years: Sharon McCasland, teacher at Brummitt Elementary; Fred Mitchell, assistant athletic director at CHS; Brian Norris, teacher at Jackson Elementary; Lauren Norris, teacher at Liberty Elementary; Diane Frederici, teacher at Brummitt Elementary and Wayne Carter, custodian at Chesterton High School.

For 40 years: Ron Bakaitis, teacher at Chesterton High; Mary Jane Hoesman, teacher at Brummitt Elementary; Greg Kearney, teacher at Chesterton Middle and Mary Jane Shuger, teacher at Brummitt Elementary.

For 45 years: William Bailey, teacher at Chesterton High